The right accessories can complete your look, especially when you’re wearing a suit. The accessories you use can even be small and subtle and still make the biggest difference. That’s why for so many uniforms, accessories like the tie bar, lapel pin and name tag are often mandated and there are even rules on how […] Read More


In the world of marketing, the enduring popularity of keychains is remarkable. That’s especially true for zinc alloy 3D keychains. But when you think about it, the popularity of this type of keychain is easy to explain. Zinc alloy 3D keychains are beautiful. This type of keychain looks great, which is why a lot of […] Read More


Many small companies have already realised the immense advantages of using promotional items as a unique way to boost their brand. These items are often cheap and yet they are effective in increasing brand awareness. When you distribute promo items, the recipients are always reminded about your brand. The frequency and duration of use also […] Read More


Promoting a company or a brand is always a challenge. You need a marketing method that’s effective, memorable, and affordable. Those 3 requirements don’t always go hand in hand, but there are exceptions such as the button badge. Advantages of the Button Badge for Marketing Some marketers don’t immediately think of button badges as a […] Read More


"The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach." The same holds true for many other people, regardless of gender, we all need food at all times, and any give-away is just as welcome. Hence, food as a promotional item is among the many new concept products which marketers and advertisers have used to […] Read More


Every year, fads come and go. When it comes to promotional items you’ve probably noticed that pens are no longer as commonly used as before, because people nowadays tend to use their smartphones and laptops for their notes. USB sticks once enjoyed a level of popularity as well, but today, people usually share data through […] Read More


Here is a slick design inspiration.   Design Specifications: Design: 2 colour logo infilled on front side, with printing 1 colour logo on back Material: soft PVC Size: 65mm x 28mm Thickness: 4mm Attachment: 25mm large split ring ring X 1pc + connecting jump ring X 1pc (nickel plated) […] Read More


Many small business owners wonder whether or not traditional or the latest promo products are best. Each kind has its benefits and disadvantages, depending on what you are promoting, and who you plan to distribute it to. Consider these factors and suggestions when deciding what kinds of promotional products to give away to flaunt your […] Read More


It doesn't get any slicker than this neat branded PVC keyring we produced for this motorcycle business. It's cut to a very attractive shape, and features a 3D risen logo in white from the surface. Specifications: Soft PVC keychain Size: 65x18mm Thickness: 8.0mm Design: 3D on front side Loop: 1pc Colour: 1C infilled on front […] Read More

Travel Company personalised lanyards

QW Direct recently finished these very smart travel company personalised lanyards to give out to guests on their cruises. Design Specifications: Polyester Lanyard Material: polyester Size: 900mm length, 20mm width Colour: four colours silkscreen printing on one side Attachment: black mobile phone clip   […] Read More