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Sporting Clips & Carabiner Hooks

Standard carabiner hooks in various colours and sizes.
D-shaped carabiner hooks in various shapes and sizes.

D-shaped size options include: 68 X35mm/ 58 X31mm/ 49 X25mm/ 40X20 mm/ 30 X18mm.



Horse head carabiner hooks in various colours and sizes.

Horse head size Carabiner Hooks: 69mm x 45mm


Circle shaped carabiner hooks in various sizes.

Round size Carabiner Hooks: 37mm and 50mm diameter

Custom shaped carabiner hooks. Examples shapes include house, fish, star, car lock, car, and letter shaped.
Horse shaped carabiner hook with keys hnaging off it.

Horse head carabiner is also our popular shape. Perfect for fund raisers, giveaways and horse organisations. The standard size of this horsehead custom carabiner hook is 69mm x 45mm.


High quality D shaped carabiner hook.

High quality D-Shape custom carabiner hook. Can be used to hang backpack, key ring and other heavier items. Also can be used for climbing, rope and so on. This custom carabiner hook is made of hard aluminium alloy with D style and polishing processing. The specifications include being waterproof, firm and durable. D-shaped custom carabiner size is from 30mm to 77mm.


High quality D Shaped carabiner hook.

High quality D Shaped carabiner hook. The colour of aluminium include red, green, silver, blue, black, cool blue and yellow… etc. The sizes available include 37mm and 50mm.