Custom Embroidered Patches & Woven Labels

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Please Note –> Useful Information:

‘Embroidered Patches’ have a fabric background, which can be twill,
velvet, felt, cloth etc.

‘Woven Labels / Mini Patches’ have no fabric background, as they are produced with threads only.

custom_woven_patches custom-embroided-patches

velvet, felt, cloth etc.

‘Woven Labels / Mini Patches’ have no fabric background, as they are produced with threads only.

When it comes to high quality patches that look great and last for many years, QW Direct has you labelled from head to toe!

Why go to the great effort & expense to source the right clothing and then have it branded. Instead, it makes sense to use your already trusted garments, uniforms, sportswear and official clothing. Then just have them professionally branded or ID’ed with our sensational embroidered patches or woven labels.

We are flexible to work within your custom design & sizing.

What’s more, our patches can be sewn with up to 12 different thread colours, along with various backing, borders and fabric options.

Embroidered Patches

Standard Available Materials

twill fabric
reflective fabric
100% Polyester [if for Woven Patches & Mini Labels]
luminous (glow in dark)

Other Available Materials

soft PVC
PVC film
PVC film with plating
PU leather
genuine leather
jean / denim
cotton or other cloth
non-woven fabric

custom_other_patch custom_patches_other_materials custom_other_patch_02

Available Stitching

Man-made thread
UV series thread
luminous thread
metallic thread
Available Borders

merrow border
heat cut border
hand cutting border

Available Backings

plain back
iron on back
hard PVC back
double adhesive tape
paper coating back
with wax paper
Velcro backing

Our custom made patches are ideal for:
Military & Defence
Government Departments
Sporting Clubs & Teams
Event Management
Promotional Attire
Media Contingents
Official Delegate Uniforms
and the list really on!

With large volume production capacities, and fast delivery turnarounds – we look forward to discussing your next order!

OR something a little compact of smaller…..try our….
Woven Labels & Mini Patches


Available Materials

100% Polyester
Width = 10->190mm, while height isn’t limited [within reason of course]

Available Borders

merrow border
heat cut border
ultrasound cutting border
laser cutting out shape

Available Folds


Available Backings

double adhesive tape,
Hard PVC back
iron on back
plain back
Velcro back
black / white paper coating

as well as Special methods:
cubic stuffed
hollow by laser
with hanging loop
liquid starched, with eyelet

or metallic thread (gold and silver)

Recent Client Examples:

Soft PVC Patch


Size: 85x40mm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Color: 1C
Logo: 4C infilled

Embroidered Patch

woven label patch

Size: 150x60mm
Background fabric: none
Embroidery Area: 75%
Logo: 4 colour thread and one white thread for logo
Backside: none
Border: merrow border

Embroidered Patch – for computer game launch campaign


Size: 85 x 85mm
Background fabric: Twill
Embroidered Area: 75%
Colour: 2 colour
Backside: iron on
Border: merrow border