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Custom Label Pins & Personalised Metal Accessories

(including Metal Label Pins & Soft PVC Label Pins)

custom made label pins wholesale

Customised Label Pins from QW Direct are designed to be the best in town and last a life time.

Using only the most advanced metal moulding and finishing processes, our labels pins have to be seen to be believed!

We are flexible to work within your custom design & sizing.

In most cases just confirm your logo (or photo of existing design) and dimensions, and we will recommend the best design package to suit your requirements. If you want to have more understanding and creative direction into your design, you are welcome to learn all the finer details so you can to steer us in the direction you want your design to follow….the choice is yours!

Soft PVC Label Pins are also popular as this design option allows for refreshingly bright colours. It provides a soft to touch experience, and it is generally very cost effective option.

Label pins can be made from:

hard enamel
imitation hard enamel
die struck soft enamel
photo etched soft enamel
die struck copper or brass without colours
iron soft enamel
silk screen printing or offset printing
pewter or zinc alloy
soft PVC with 2D (flat) or 3D (risen from surface) logo

Our Available Materials:

zinc alloy
stainless steel

Standard Size: 1/2 ~ 2″ or any other size can be requested.

Standard Thickness: 0.8 ~ 1.6″ or any other thickness can be requested.

Available finishes:

[CLICK_HERE] to view our plating guide.

Available attachments:

Spur nail & butterfly clutch

Various available Metal Moulding & Finishing Processes

Hard Enamel

custom made label pins wholesale hard enamel

Hard Enamel (also known as Cloisonne) originated thousands of years ago, as was originally used to decorate vases. 

Hard Enamel consists of a powder of glass like mixture. Each colour is hand filled with a tiny spoon onto the copper recess area stamped by a die. After fusion, it resists scratching by knife or even heating to 800 degrees. It is renowned for its jewellery like finish, immortality and limited natural supply, making it an ideal method in the production of pins, emblems, and various collectible memorabilia.

For each colour ordered, a pin has to undergo one time direct heating over 1700F (800°C) before the powder can melt and be crystallized. For example, if there are 4 colours, the same pin has to undergo 4 baking processes of one colour after the other.

Preservable for over 100 years with ceramic-likened glaze
resistant to scratch, heat, humidity & acidic chemicals (however limited in choice of colours)

Colour chart is available on “AOKI” or “FLOWER VASE”.

Matching metal: is copper which capable to endure similar high temperature but curved a little after baking.

Production Process Steps:

Customer artwork >Develop negative film > Etching metal plate > Carving die/mold > Stamping design on metal > Cutting out design > Cleaning by acidic chemical > Colouring > Baking > Grinding spilled enamel > Soldering attachment > Polishing > Second cleaning by ultrasonic water > Plating > Packaging

Imitation Enamel

custom made label pins wholesale immitation enamel

Imitation Enamel is similar in production to traditional cloisonne (Hard Enamel) except that a special resin is utilised to provide colours instead of the natural cloisonne colour. Colours can be matched to Pantone Colours in this type of pin. The design is die stamped out copper pieces, in a true cloisonne pin.

Imitation Enamel was only invented in 1985 to meet the overwhelming demand for hard enamel. The synthetic pigments give a gorgeous appearance which is very close to Hard enamel, but more shiny. The prime advantage of Imitation Enamel is the ability to specifically choose colours according to the PMS (Pantone®) colour chart.

90% correlation and appearance to hard enamel
non-resistant to scratch nor heat over 212F(100°C)
More shiny, colourful and smooth than Hard Enamel

Matching Metal: Copper

Production Process Steps:
Customer artwork > Develop negative film > Etching metal plate > Carving die/mold > Stamping design on metal > Cutting out design > Soldering attachment > Cleaning by acidic chemical > Colouring > Baking > Grinding spilled enamel > Polishing > Second cleaning by ultrasonic water > Plating > Packaging

Soft Enamel

This represents one of the most popular and cost effective production processes, especially when finishing on Iron.

The colour is a rich PMS base, which delivers a brilliant shine on copper, iron & aluminium – through a process of stamping or photo etching.

Soft Enamel Stamped Copper / Brass

custom made label pins wholesale soft enamel

Soft Enamel Copper uses paint pigments similar to those applied on a car, representing a more cost effective option than hard or imitation enamel.

This process only requires 100°C degree to dry the paints during a 4 – 5 minute oven heat. The unique raised rims render a refreshing metallic experience, giving years of treasured ownership to the customer.

Designs that need a thin border or outline are perfect to apply soft enamel to.

Similar to Imitation Enamel, however:
Plating takes place before colouring to speed up the process
A fabric wheel is used in polishing
Epoxy may be added, depending on order requirement

Shiny and smooth in surface, but vulnerable to scratch and high temperatures
Epoxy (a doom of transparent plastic) is often applied to protect the pins from scratching. The paint is thinner than Hard/Imitation Enamel and lower than the raised metal rim. Colour choices are available according to the Pantone number (PMS).

Matching Metal: Copper (1.2mm+), Brass(0.8mm+), Iron(0.8mm+), Aluminum(0.8mm+), Stainless Steel,

Production Process Steps:
Customer artwork > Develop negative film > Etching metal Plate > Carving die/mold > Stamping design on metal > Cutting out design > Soldering attachment > Cleaning > Polishing > Plating > Colouring > Baking > Filling epoxy (optional) > Packaging

Stamped Iron Soft Enamel

custom made label pins wholesale iron enamel

With Soft Enamel Stamped Iron, these pins are very similar in production to the soft enamel, except that the material used is iron instead of copper. Pantone colours are used and can be chosen for these types of pins. These forms one of the lowest cost processing options of all the different types of pins available today. The surface of an iron pin may be covered with epoxy to protect the colours.

Photo Etched Soft Enamel

Soft Enamel Photo Etched uses photographic negative techniques to produce these type of pins. The negatives are made to the exact size of the design and laid out across the surface of the copper metal, which is then dipped into a chemical solution to etch the image into the metal – at which stage colour can be added. The colours are applied to all etched areas before the metal is placed into the oven. A clear epoxy coating can be added to protect the soft enamel colours.

Soft Enamel Stamped without Colouring

custom made label pins wholesale enamel no colouring

With these high-polished pins, they do not have their recesses filled with enamel paints. Instead the recesses of these crafted pins are finished with sandblasting or a foggy process to achieve a “brushed” effect. Then the raised areas are highly polished for a very shiny presentation.

Stamping without colour means the colouring is undertaken by electro-plating instead of enamel or paint.

Plating Options:
Gold – Silver – Nickel – Chrome – Black Nickel – Copper – Black Dye in either shiny antique or 2-tone finishes –
Foggy – Sandblasted – Granulation

This design provides a genuine taste of metal by metallic colour & heavy weight. This is most commonly applied to coins, medals, pins & badges.

Matching Metal: Copper(1.2mm+)

Production Process Steps:

Similar to Soft Enamel above, however:
– without the Colouring & Baking processes
– Epoxy is seldom applied.

Printed Pins

custom made label pins wholesale printed pins

Silk Screen and Offset printed pins allow for special logos and designs to be used, without the need for fine gold or silver plating around each colour. Colours are silk screened onto a bass material one by one at each time, just like creating a T-shirt. A final clear epoxy coating should be added to protect the colours.

With industrial strength capabilities and host of design options, we look forward to producing your order!

Name Badges

Series A Name Badge

– Material: Aluminium
– Logo Process: Printing, photo etched with soft enamel.

The QW Direct choice of quality name badges and name plates are perfect for official employee identificaiton. Depending on the look and finish you would like you can choose from Aluminium or Plastic and arange ways for your logo to show which include recessed, printed and photo etched with soft enamel.

Name Badge Accessories

name badges, staff name pins, name tags for employees, bulk name tags

Series B Name Badge

– Material: Plastic
– Logo Process: Printing, laser engraving without colours.