10 Common Promotional Product Mistakes to Avoid

Promotional products are a great way for you to build your brand and increase your sales. Of course, that’s only true if you do it right. If you make any of these mistakes, you will just wasting your time, money, and effort:

  1. Prioritising quantity over quality. Choose quality products even if it means you can only get half the quantity you wanted. After all, these products represent your company, and a low quality item may imply that your company offers inferior products and services. In addition, it’s more important to target fewer customers who are more likely to buy your products than to give to a large number of people who will probably not become your customers anyway.
  2. Choosing fad products. It’s better if you go for timeless designs so that your products will be used for a longer period of time. This gives your company greater exposure. So avoid giving timely or fashionable items which are likely to become obsolete or useless in the future.
  3. Giving away impractical items. The point of promo items is that they should be useful to the user so that they will be constantly reminded of your company. Your best bet is to use promo items that your recipient will use often or even every day. When you give away something that’s not practical or useful, it will likely be thrown away.
  4. Having an inadequate supply. When you don’t order enough promotional items, you end up spending a lot more for additional orders than if you bought in bulk the first time. You have to have an accurate projection of the volume you need.
  5. Not tailoring your items to their intended recipients. For example, disposable lighters can be useful. But they’re not exactly the right items to give to health conscious people such as dieters, fitness enthusiasts, and doctors.
  6. Forgetting to put your company name. How can the promo items remind people of your company, if your company name isn’t printed on the products? If the item is too small, you can still find a way to include your company logo in the design.
  7. Using bland or monotonous designs. When giving away promo items, it’s important to stand out and be noticed. Use colours and designs that are memorable so they will have a greater impact on your audience.
  8. Not having a proper distribution plan. For example, some companies have made the mistake of giving away promotional items to random people. But you can target your best customers to show your appreciation, or perhaps target potential customers. You can give away the items to people who have visited your website and have given their email address.
  9. Making your own promo items. Some companies see this as a cost-saving measure, but that only means that the quality of the products will suffer. Unless you actually specialise in making promotional items, this is best left to the experts. Focus on what you do best and what actually makes you money in your business!
  10. Not having a definite purpose. Do you want to broaden brand recognition for your company? Do you want to strengthen your relationship with your customers? Or do you want to acquire new customers? Your purpose will affect your distribution plans and your choice of products.

Avoid these mistakes and you will have a better chance of maximising the benefits you get when you giveaway promotional items.

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