Personalised metal badge for rotary international.

Metal badges are emblems that tend to last a lifetime. Manufacturers today use state of the art molding and finishing technology to produce the best quality badges in a range of materials — including the ones made of metal. Remember that badges can serve as a logo for your business. They can be used as […] Read more

Showing a design studio desk that is working with a range of colours.

Choosing the right colour for your brand logo can be crucial. It plays an important role in product development and identity. Having the wrong choice of colour can lead to marketing failure. Introducing the wrong colour combination in your ads affects your target audience’s response. For these reasons, you must consider careful product development planning, […] Read more

Acrylic keyring with red paper insert.

There are some things that will never truly go out of style. Despite an ever-changing fashion industry, certain items will always find some sort of match in the closets of consumers. Even if you are not somebody who is interested in fashion, it’s very likely that you’ve come across some type of acrylic keyring. These […] Read more


It’s no secret that bags are one of the best choices for promoting your business, and building up your brand. Unlike other promotional items such as pens, refrigerator magnets, and coffee mugs you get a ton of space to present both your logo, and brand message to your customers. This high level of versatility allows […] Read more


On the face of it, it doesn’t seem to make sense how a business can make money by giving away stuff for free. But if you take a closer look at the concept, it actually makes a lot of sense. Giving away free stuff is an investment, and you can get something in return. If […] Read more


A lot of businesses realise that keyrings make for effective promotional items. An important thing to remember is that if you’re going to print your logo on a keyring as a way to promote your brand, your logo often should be raised from the surface for maximum impact. There are several good reasons why this […] Read more


You have been wondering what the most suitable promotion product that best reflects your brand is. You could not stop thinking, and so hard you scratched your head. The moment you approach the breaking point, the thought hits you. Your company has been lacking a pen. Just a pen with a lasting first impression that […] Read more


The use of polyester bags in Australia is becoming more popular due to the widespread ban on plastic bags. Here are some reasons why these bags are great for everyone. Since July 1 2018, Western Australia and Queensland have enacted a total state-wide ban on single-use shopping bags, as they’re bad for the environment. South […] Read more


Giving away promotional products can be a sensational way to improve your brand visibility and foster customer loyalty. Yet often they don’t work, especially when you insist on distributing bland, generic products that are easy to forget. Some companies seem to think that it’s enough to place their brand name and logo on the product, […] Read more


A regular printer puts words and images onto paper, but a 3D printer is so much different. It sculpts an object right before your eyes, using laser and a computer. It can work quickly enough that it’s even faster than molding. There also seems to be almost no limit as to what you can print; […] Read more


We love this custom rubber keyring we produced for a motorcyle company. Specifications Material: soft pvc Style: 2D in front side with one hole Size: 55mm length, 30mm width Thickness: 4mm Colour: one colour silkscreen printing on front side Attachment: split ring + jump ring, nickel plating   […] Read more


We produced these stylish metal badges with the design cut out in gold   Design Specifications Metal Badge Material: die struck iron with imitation hard enamel Style: 2D in front side Size: 1 inch diameter. Thickness: 1.5mm Plating : gold plating Epoxy: none Polishing: front side Colour: 2 colours filled Attachment: strong magnet (10*2mm)   […] Read more


These soft PVC keyrings are another example of what can be achieved when using vibrant colours backed by a startling design.   […] Read more


We helped this specialised tree company celebrate their 40 years in business with some durable and eye catching drink coasters.   Specifications Soft PVC Drink Coasters Material: soft pvc Style: 2D in front side Size: 95mm diameter Thickness: 3mm Colour: three colours printing on front side   […] Read more


These keyrings we produced for a building equipment company are a fantastic example of getting your messages across through an appealing promotional product.     Design Details Material: soft pvc Style: 2D in front side with one hole (embossed logo can be made in 2D design) Size: 60mm length, 23.2mm width Thickness: 4mm Colour: one […] Read more


This custom soft PVC keyring is a friendly reminder to keep things simple. We’d be very proud to give these ones out!   Design Details Material: soft pvc Style: Stamped soft enamel, 2D in front side with one hole Size: 30mm diameter. Thickness: 4mm Colour: two colours filled on front side Attachment: split ring +  […] Read more


There is a lot to be said about choosing to make your keyring in leather. They offer a very warm and robust feel and presentation.       Design Details Material: PU Style: 2D in front side Size: 52*40mm Colour: black leather colour. Logo: embossed into leather. Attachment: eyelet + split ring + chain   […] Read more


If total wash-ability and hygiene is important to your team, then PVC lanyards are the way to go compared to fabric ones. This is one we recently produced for a NSW hospital.   Design Details Material: pvc Style: 2D Size: 900mm length, 15mm width Colour: one colour printing on front side Attachment: iron clip + […] Read more


QW Direct proudly produced these colourful bus keyrings for a remote Indigenous community group. Design Specifications Material: soft pvc Style: 2D in front side with one hole (embossed logo can be made in 2D design) Size: 60mm length, 23.2mm width Thickness: 4mm Colour: one colours filled on front side, one color silkscreen printing on backside […] Read more