Latest Trending Products of August 2020

All the current changes during this pandemic has a resulted in a range of new product ideas and design inspirations.

In this post we aim to share just a few with you to help give an insight into where some of the new demand is.

Custom Ear Savers – for masks

Many wearing disposable and even some re-usable masks now report very sore ears after pre-longed usage. Personalised ear savers like these help to alleviate the situation. Most designs can be branded with your logo and are available in a range of materials including plastic, leather, silicone and silk headband designs.

Portable Mask Case

The effectiveness of face masks are limited to following best practices as set out by the various medical experts. These face mask cases can ensure additional masks are kept clean while in transit.

Hand Sanitiser Bottles

If you need to carry hand sanitiser, it best to use a bottle that can be re-used and is sturdy. Hand sanitiser bottlers are a more unique promotional product idea, that many can’t do without!

Waterproof Silicone Shoe Covers

These fun silicone shoe covers can instantly turn any shoe into a washable waterproof walker. They can be branded with printed or embossed logo, much like a silicone wristband. They are also available in 3 popular sizes to fit most shaped feet!

Hand Sanitiser Spray Pen

It’s never easy finding something a little more different to brand with your logo, especially with pens. These hand sanitiser pens do create that wow factor and will less likely be turfed into landfill. These pens represent lots of fun and are a real purpose in the new world.

Silicone Hand Sanitiser Holder

If we must carry more hand sanitiser than ever before, lets make it a little more meaningful. Kids love these!

Silicone Lanyards – best in hygiene & washability

The rise in extreme hand washing has driven renewed demand for silicone lanyards compared to traditional polyester ones. These are your first class lanyards, particularly for wearing in commercial kitchens and germ sensitive areas.

Magnetic Rings – the new fidget toy

Dubbed the next fidget spinner these Magnetic Rings are a fantastic and uniquely exciting gift idea. They feature 8 different methods for tricks & games, not only to calm the nerves, but also improve your creativity. They can be fully boxed with your own logo to create a promotional product to remember.