Custom Folding Bags – the Perfect Promotional Item


Are you a small business owner or marketing professional looking to build rapport with your customers through giving out freebies and product samples?  Are you in search of what perfect promotional item to choose among the endless choices offered to you by suppliers?  We just might have the ideal suggestion for you.

Custom folding bags may just be the right promotional item you are looking for.

Why Custom Folding Bags Make the Perfect Promotional Item

If you’re wondering why we are able to say that, below are some smart reasons that will make you a custom folding bag convert by the end of this article.

First off, a custom folding bag is practical and useful. It is advisable to give an item that has value in the eyes of the recipient or in this case, your customers.  You must never pick something that would be considered junk by customers and other recipients just for the sake of giving them anything.  Doing so will have lower ongoing impact – whether in building rapport or making you stand out from competitors.

If you think about it, it would be hard to find someone today who doesn’t have at least 1 or two custom folding bags stashed in their car, home or office for an emergency errand or haul.  Even if practically everyone has one, it is always welcome to receive more if practical and well designed.  Because they are so functional and used very often, even the sturdiest of custom folding bags eventually get worn out.  So a new one will always deliver renewed delight to the recipient.

Second, and this is especially true for your clients who value fashion and looking good. If your custom folding bag giveaway is stylish enough not to look like a common corporate give-away, it can provide even more customer delight.  Way to go for making that fantastic impression!

Third, a custom folding bag is more than just a freebie in itself.  It also doubles as a perfect carrying case.  What do we mean by this?  If during Christmas or other special occasions you plan to give more than just a single token or gift, it would be further exciting to have all the items sleekly packaged into their personalised folding bag.  This definitely beats having the items in a generic paper bag.

If you are trying to win over a potential customer and are giving them product samples, having the samples in one custom folding bag with your branding in it will help you and your company stand out among the other bidders or potential suppliers.

And not just for customers, mind you, these also represent a fantastic giveaway for employees.  It can be perfect as a carry all for sales kits, binders and handouts whenever your company would hold seminars or conferences. Christmas tokens for employees can also be handed out in custom folding bags for that added touch of company pride.

Fourth, a custom folding bag doubles as a walking advertisement whenever it is used.  It will remind your customers of your brand and products every time they’d take the bag out.  And as that customer walks around carrying your bag, people they meet might also become curious and acquainted with your company.

Fifth, one branded folding bag helps the environment a long, long way.  Every time a person uses your bag giveaway, it is one less plastic polluting our seas and landfills.  That simple act now not only stops at becoming a promotional item, it also becomes part of your company’s social responsibility.  A company that is not all profit and sales, but cares for nature and this world’s future — now that’s a very positive image for your company to have.

Sixth, because a custom folding bag is very versatile and can be an appropriate promotional item for almost any product, giving the same giveaway but let’s say, just slightly altered in style, print or colour can already serve as the same freebie for your various product lines.  This saves Marketing and Sales people the tedious task of thinking up of totally different promo items for each product they handle.

Seventh, if you’re a Sales, Marketing or Logistics personnel, you know that one of the considerations that should be made for your corporate giveaways is storage space and ease of transportation.  And these factors can cost the company precious resources.  What’s good about custom folding bags is that they’re lightweight and fold almost flat.  They definitely take up minimal storage space and are easy to deliver, compared to other bulkier freebies.

Eighth, custom folding bags are useful to everyone, and yet they are relatively inexpensive.  This is another great thing about this ideal promotional item.  The more a promo item is perceived to have connection to the product it is supporting, while having value to its intended recipients and still meeting the budget, then it is a win – win situation. Way to earn brownie points with the big boss!

Ninth, custom folding bags are not only inexpensive, they just keep on giving returns to the company.  A good quality bag can last with your customer a good five years or more.  Just imagine that a single cash outlay for these giveaways will keep on advertising your company for half a decade!  Not many other promo items can say as much for so long…

There you go.  Nine solid reasons why you should seriously consider custom folding bags. 

Kinds, Style and Designs of Custom Folding Bags

Now that we’ve discussed just how fantastic those custom folding bags are, let’s have you more acquainted with the different kinds that you can choose from, depending on your specifications.

In terms of material, typically you can choose from nylon, polyester, and cotton.  These are some of the most popular materials used.  You can also choose if the bag will be woven or non-woven. 

If you opt to go with a woven material, the advantages of such is that it is strong, it retains its shape, and it can be machine washed.  This kind of finish takes the cake in terms of durability and convenience of use.

As for the non-woven material, its advantages are it is less expensive than the woven finish and it is fit for more customisation and diverse printing options.  This kind of finish is most suitable for those who have to stick to a strict budget.

Lastly, you can choose to have your custom folding bag laminated or non-laminated.  Lamination gives the finished product a glossy look while a non-laminated finish gives the bag a rawer feel.

In terms of style, some of the most preferred are those bags that can be folded or zipped into its own case, those that can be tied around with a string when stored, or those that come with a key ring for ease of lugging around.

As for design, you can go with a bag that almost looks like an accessory because of its very minimal corporate branding, a bag that is clearly a company’s advertisement or a design that is in between.


Are you now decided on what to give out to those valued customers?  We hope this article has been helpful to you in coming up with a wise and informed decision.

Happy selling, and may you beat those sales targets and wow your customers even more!   Good luck!