Promotional Product Ideas that Bring Calm & Focus to Work

One of the best ways to tell customers about your company and brand is with promotional items. Whether you hand out items at a conference or give them as gifts with purchases, those products remind customers of you every time that they use them. While you can select basic items such as refrigerator magnets and stubby holders, why not look for promotional calming products? There are dozens of products that help customers stay calm and focused at work that allow you to use your brand. You should check out some of our top choices before making a decision.

Branded Stress Toys

Stress balls & promotional stress toys are among the more popular promotional desk products and probably one of the first that you thought of when looking for calming products. Don’t assume that all stress balls are the same though because these branded desk products come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. You might pick an elongated stress ball shaped like a truck or banana that fits comfortably in one hand. Weighted stress balls are a good choice for athletes because they can exercise their hands as they use one. You’ll also find smaller stress balls designed to fit on a keychain that customers can use when they’re at home or on the go.

Promotional Desktop Massager

Many people claim that they feel more stressed at work than they do anywhere else. Desktop massagers are handy products that they can use at the office and as they sit behind a desk. Most have a wooden construction with rubber or metal accents. They simply roll the device across their backs and necks to get in a quick massage at work. It can help those dealing with stress as well as those who suffer from writer’s block and similar conditions. You can add your brand or logo to the top or bottom of the massager.

Hot and Cold Packs

Hot and cold packs are among the more unique promotional desk products available today. They come in handy during all types of emergency situations. Someone might use one when dealing with a stiff back or a twisted ankle. The packs come in convenient sizes and can stay in the freezer for months until your customer needs one. They can also toss the pack in the microwave to get soothing heat when they need it. Not only can you choose hot and cold packs in different sizes, but you can customise the packs with your logo printed across the front.

Personalised Diffusers

Many people swear that aromatherapy helps them battle stress. You can help your customers beat stress and stay calm anywhere they go with diffusers and room diffuser kits. The diffuser consists of a small glass or plastic bottle filled with a liquid solution. Wooden dowels or small rods placed inside the bottle pull the liquid from the bottom and diffuse it into the air. Certain scents have a calming effect on those dealing with stressful situations at work. You can print the name of your company across the bottle to remind customers of you when they smell the soothing fragrance.

Branded Colouring Books

With branded relaxing products such as colouring books, you give customers an easy way to focus their thoughts at work. Adult colouring books are very popular today. The books include multiple pages with different designs on each one. As you focus on the simple task of filling in the pages, you learn how to relax your mind and stay calm. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to design and print custom books. There are promotional colouring books that use the same pages and designs but have space for your company info on the front. You can even add boxes of crayons or coloured pencils with your logo on the box.

Personalised Eye Masks

A variety of things can interfere with your sleep and keep you from sleeping through the night, including light from the street and noises outside. Eye masks do a fantastic job of blocking out both artificial and natural light sources. These masks work as promotional desk products when branded with your logo because they help customers deal with migraines and headaches that the light worsens. They can slip one on when they need to focus on their thoughts, too. Eye masks come in different styles and colours that work with your branding.

Essential Oils

Staying calm and focused at work is easy with essential oils because different scents do different things. These promotional calming products come in individual bottles as well as kits that include multiple fragrances. Lavender has a calming effect that helps in the middle of a busy day, while cinnamon provides a quick boost of energy. Essential oils that come in roller bottles are a great option because you can add your logo or brand to each bottle. Customers simply roll the bottle across their skin to get all of the benefits of the oil.

Desktop Humidifier

A humidifier is a simple device designed to add moisture to the surrounding air. They can prevent the bloody noses that people experience in winter, as well as the dry skin and lips that others have. Desktop humidifiers offer the same benefits but come in a smaller design that fits on any desk. There are even some that come with a USB cord that plugs into a computer. Using humidifiers for your company’s branding is easy. The devices have ample space for your logo and allow you to decide where you want to use the logo. Customers can use a desktop humidifier at work without disrupting their coworkers.

Promotional Earplugs

If you’re in the market for branded relaxing products and don’t have a ton of money to spend, consider earplugs. Those who work in factories or on an assembly line use earplugs to keep their ears safe from the loud noises that are around them. Customers who work in offices and quieter settings can also benefit from earplugs because they can drown out the noises that their coworkers make and focus on the task at hand. You have the choice between branding the earplugs or adding a case that features your logo.

Promotional products changed a lot over the years. You no longer need to stick to simple keychains or tote bags. Some of the top products will help your customers stay calm and focused both at work and home. Earplugs, desktop humidifiers and stress balls are among the top branded desk products that can fit your budget.