The Benefits of Wearable Promotional Products

When considering marketing tactics for your business, products, or service, one popular question is, are wearable promotional products worth it? While wearable products are more expensive than most advertising methods, it is worth noting that it is a one-time charge, not a recurring charge, and new technology can make personalised products easier to create at a lower rate.

Wearable promotional product options range widely, and the benefits of each can vary within the different options. So in this article we aim to dive into the different types of promotional products and the benefits they can provide your business.


Of course, this can mean a wide range of products, but for the most part, promotional clothing tends to revolve around shirts, pants and shorts. Promotional clothing is a novel idea because it essentially turns your customers and fans into a walking billboard.

People of common interest tend to visit the same places and same activities. This may not always apply to your business, but for the most part, your brand recognition will go a long way in groups similar to your target audience. Another considerable perk is that your reach will also expand outward from your target audience. Your advertisement and company will be seen by everyone, not just the friends or family members of your customer wearing the promotional product. Examples of this are in line at any store, doctors’ offices and self-care facilities, and so on.

You’re providing something that people regularly use anyway, which is also an excellent reason to make sure your promotional product admits a clear message.

Tips to Ensure the Maximum Benefits are Reached

  • Avoid controversial symbols or statements unless they directly influence your brand.
  • High-quality items will last longer and are enjoyed more by the wearer. So when evaluating your price points, make sure to keep that thought in mind. The price mark-up may be worth it if it gets your brand in front of more eyes more often.
  • Consider the style of your audience as well. A business person will not wear a pullover sweatshirt as regularly as he would wear a button-up dress shirt. A golf company will hit a wider audience by providing golf polos rather than a regular t-shirt, and so on.

Promotional clothing has many benefits, but it also builds a sense of loyalty and personalisation to your brand from your customers. No matter what your product is, promotional clothing can be worn by your loyal customers. It will also provide talking points and keep your brand fresh in your customer’s mind, which is a huge benefit when it comes to recommendations.

Hats & Accessories

When worn regularly, hats and accessories like lanyards, keychains, bracelets, winter wear, thongs, and more can be used daily if the application and timing are correct.

 An eye-catching design is also a big part, but you don’t want it to be too flashy unless it targets your desired audience. A targeted promotional campaign, made around an event, for example, is a fantastic way to advertise your business while also gifting your dedicated customers.

For example, if your a tech company and a convention is happening soon, gifting customers a promotional hat will provide you a walking advertisement around the whole convention. Even when not targeting a specific event, timing can be crucial. You don’t want to gift promotional sandals in the middle of winter, with “out of sight out of mind” being very relevant in today’s society. Chances are they will be lost or damaged before they are even out in public.

Things like lanyards, keychains, and bracelets provide your company the benefit of integrating into someone’s everyday routine. Once you become someone’s favorite key ring or lanyard, even if it isn’t continuously displayed, it will keep your company fresh in your customer’s mind.

You may think something more obvious and loud may be a better option, but statistics show that referrals by word of mouth are more likely to become active referrals. In the world of internet reviews we live in, and in-person and positive recommendations or mentions of your product can go a long way.

Tips to Ensure the Maximum Benefits are Reached

  • Follow what’s in style. I don’t mean to watch fringe influencers and create something outrageous. But keep in mind the standard styles and what will integrate with those styles when deciding what accessories you would like to promote.
  • Useful products will integrate into someone’s daily routine. Things we regularly use like keychains, lanyards, smart phone accessories, and more will be used more often and be fresh in your customer’s mind.
  • The thing outside the box, you may not think a pen is a wearable promotional product, but if your target audience is in the business world, they probably will. It doesn’t have to be the most prominent and most flashy items. Items we use every day with your companies name on them may go a long way.
  • Think of wearable promotional products for other people or pets in their life. If your target audience is mothers, a hat for their child to wear will stick out more and be noticed more than one for a mother. Pets qualify for this too. People commonly take pets to places with other pet owners and pet lovers. A good quality collar or leash will gain pet lovers’ attention faster than a key chain for their owners.

Wearable Tech For Everyday Use

Wearable technology is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. Not only fitting in with trends, but this also affords you the option to create something useful in their everyday lives.

Fitness trackers, headphones, hats with Bluetooth headphones installed, GPS trackers, and more have become extremely popular and, with that, even more affordable. It is worth looking into if your client base is into health, self-care, music, positivity, electronics, and more!

Tips to Ensure the Maximum Benefits are Reached

  • Keep in mind, when you are using tech promotional items, different software and tech may only be compatible with one type of operating system. The tech that is universal on connectivity and integration is far more recommended due to greatest appeal and compatibility.
  • Keep in touch with current technology trends and advancements. The tech world is excelling and changing rapidly. 5 years ago, a promotional set of wired headphones would have been a great product. Today, many fitness trackers, phones, and MP3 players have eliminated the headphone jack altogether. Investigating before your promotional purchase will avoid outdated promotional technology!

Wearable promotional items have many benefits. It is vital to keep some simple strategies in mind to get the maximum benefit.

Such as;

  • Deliver a consistent and clear brand message
  • Stay simple
  • Investigate current trends

The benefits of wearable promotional products increase the possibility of getting your company in front of a new audiences, while supporting and gift your current loyal customers — all in all, the benefits can go a long way in provide that vital component of a broader sales & marketing strategy.