How and When to promote with Custom Wooden Keyrings

Why Should You Offer Personalised Wooden Keyrings?

The first thing you need to know is that personalised wooden keyrings are typically made of the finest quality sustainable materials. They have been designed and manufactured by experts in the industry. These are hardy items that are built to the highest standards and guaranteed to last for long term keeping.

Beyond that, they’re really neat. Your customers are looking for a fantastic new way to hang on to their keys. But most keyrings are so generic and boring that, after a while, people start to forget their keys even while they are still on the ring! What many target groups crave is more memorable and fashionable ways to hang on to their keys.

And this is exactly why you should be offering this exciting new item to your market. Well designed wooden keyrings are guaranteed to please even the most jaded and finicky members of the public. They may be used to getting sundry offers and freebies from all manner of sources, but they’ve never seen an item like this one.

There’s also the fact that this item is sturdy, well made, and easy to manufacture. It’s a low cost, high quality promo item that your customers will never forget getting from you. It could be the start of a long, profitable friendship.

When Should You Offer Custom Wooden Keyrings?

Promoting your business is a day to day, hour to hour, concern. This is not a job that you can lie down on or go to a comfortable “autopilot” mode with. You need to be constantly thinking of new ways to engage with your audience. Promoting your goods is an activity that always needs modes of expression to keep your fans interested.

The time for you to offer personalised wooden keyrings to your audience is now. There is no time like the present to get started on giving your audience something of value and rustic meaning. This is all the more crucial when you look at the facts. These keyrings are a true bargain at a price you can easily afford. And they’re available in mass quantities.

Now consider the kind of promo gifts you have normally been passing on to your customers. Yes, you’ve probably given away some good ones. But how much have you spent for the privilege of handing out top of the line promo items? And how much have you had to spend on shipping these items as well as promoting them through marketing activities.

The new line of custom promo keyrings from QW Direct will eliminate all of these concerns. We offer them at a low rate so that you won’t risk breaking your budget by ordering in bulk. They are also easy and cost effective to ship. Promoting them on the web for sending as loyalty gifts is easier than ever. These keyrings are the ultimate promo item and the time to promote them is now.

How Should You Promote Your Wooden Keyrings?

Our new line of wooden keyrings is easy to purchase and even easier to promote. You can prepare to be absolutely amazed at how quickly they will fly from your web store when you offer them as a promotion. And you’ll also be astounded at how simple these are to give out. Everyone will want one!

There are a whole host of ways that you can promote these handy items. One of the best ways is to offer them as a complimentary item with the purchase of goods from your web store. For example, if a customer orders over $25 worth of items, why not throw in a handy keyring as a freebie? It’s an extra touch your buyer will always appreciate.

You can also offer them as a way to thank long term customers. If you have a few that have been ordering from you at a steady rate for months or even years, why not send them a free promo item as a thank you? If you keep track of birthdays, it’s a great way to wish them a joyous day while reminding them of your gratitude.

You can even offer these top shelf keyring promo items as contest prizes. For example, do you need an item to offer as an incentive for fans writing in to respond to online polls or quizzes?

If so, why not consider something new and exciting that your fans can actually make day to day use of? These new keyrings are the perfect candidate. And they serve a purpose that benefits both business and customers. Rewarding engagement with tangible free prizes is a great way to encourage even more interaction.

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Instead of going with generic and boring solutions, why not think outside the box? We have the top level promo items that you can trust to satisfy your audience. The time to thrill your customers with something new and exciting is now. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do to help your business.