Why PLA Promotional Bags are a Wise Choice!

Going Green is only growing in popularity each and every year. When investing in your line of promotional products it can be hard to find a solution to problematic excessive waste both in the product itself and its packaging. Thankfully, as companies are coming around to their customers’ call for change, more and more options for eco-friendly green products and packaging are becoming available. One such green product is the plastic substitute called PLA. PLA, or Polyactic Acid, is a plant based plastic alternative made from corn or a base starch mixture of cassava roots, beets or sugarcane.

What makes PLA promotional bags better than regular plastic bags?

PLA still looks and feels like regular old PP or PET plastic but has much more to it than meets the eye. Unlike PP or PET plastics, PLA products are not created using fossil fuels and typically contain zero (or close to) toxic chemicals like BPA. Non-woven PLA bags and other PLA products are also compostable and biodegradable, meaning that PLA products do not leave a lasting negative impact on the planet like PP and PET plastics do. Regular plastics can take anywhere between twenty to five hundred years to degrade.

PLA is so much more efficient in its use of resource than regular plastics. Specifically, it generates 59% less Greenhouse Gases and uses 47% less non-renewable resources than regular plastic production. Meanwhile, PLA bags are stronger and reusable, the perfect choice for carrying your promotional products and marketing materials!


PLA promotional bags are non-toxic, BPA-free and phthalate free. Perfect for edible promotional products that require a food-safe carrier.


PLA promotional bags are made from a renewable resource – plant starch – and are also biodegradable and compostable!


PLA is a versatile and functional material. Not only is it moldable and easy to customise but it is also strong and durable.


PLA is a fun and exciting alternative to harmful plastics. Your customers will thank you for switching to a safe and interesting plastic alternative!


PLA promotional bags are green and safe for the planet. Switching to PLA will show that your company truly cares about its impact on the planet.

What Can PLA Replace?

PLA can replace virtually any plastic product whether it’s the container that holds your lunch or the promotional bag you received from your favourite company! PLA is an amazing alternative for promotional products as it is so versatile and can be used widely and creatively.

Promotional Shopping Bags

Like their PP or PET plastic counterpart, PLA promotional shopping bag styles are simple and straightforward. All of the positives of a reliable product with none of the toxic and harmful downsides! PLA promotional shopping bags are a safe alternative to generic PP and PET plastic shopping bags.

Promotional Totes

Promotional totes made from PLA are an exciting product that is made to last. Coming in a variety of sizes and shapes, these flat bottomed promotional totes are versatile and well-suited for any and all of your promotional needs.

Customised Promotional Bags

PLA Promotional bags can be customised just as easily as generic bags. Customisation is done with eco-friendly inks to match the eco-friendly and safe PLA promotional bag. Make it yours with PLA product customisation and stand out among the generic competitors!

What Will Customers Think?

A promotional bag made from PLA will create an exciting buzz around your company and its products. An eco-friendly bag will make your shopping experience stand out from the crowd because it shows that not only does your company care about the environment but also that you are an innovative employer who is ahead of the curve.

Going Green has been “cool” for years but now it is becoming less trendy and more mandatory. If companies do not keep up with the growing call to decrease waste and negative ecological impacts, customers will notice. Using PLA promotional bags will show your customers that you listen and that you care about what they think and about the environment.

Anyone who receives your promotional bags made from PLA will be over the moon! Whether your new PLA promotional bags are gifted to employees, customers or potential clients, they will be excited to show off their newest accessory. They will be proud to tell anyone and everyone about their new eco-friendly bag from your company.

It’s Good to Be Green

PLA is something to talk about! – and your company will be considered a hero for switching to a product made from renewable resources instead of the generic and toxic plastic bags used by many other companies for promotional products.

By using PLA promotional bags, your company will be one step ahead of the rest and will lead the way in innovative designs for your promotions.

Choose PLA promotional bags for your next project and feel fantastic about your decision to support Mother Nature – it’s good to be green!