These soft PVC keyrings are another example of what can be achieved when using vibrant colours backed by a startling design.   […] Read more


We helped this specialised tree company celebrate their 40 years in business with some durable and eye catching drink coasters.   Specifications Soft PVC Drink Coasters Material: soft pvc Style: 2D in front side Size: 95mm diameter Thickness: 3mm Colour: three colours printing on front side   […] Read more


These keyrings we produced for a building equipment company are a fantastic example of getting your messages across through an appealing promotional product.     Design Details Material: soft pvc Style: 2D in front side with one hole (embossed logo can be made in 2D design) Size: 60mm length, 23.2mm width Thickness: 4mm Colour: one […] Read more


This custom soft PVC keyring is a friendly reminder to keep things simple. We’d be very proud to give these ones out!   Design Details Material: soft pvc Style: Stamped soft enamel, 2D in front side with one hole Size: 30mm diameter. Thickness: 4mm Colour: two colours filled on front side Attachment: split ring +  […] Read more


There is a lot to be said about choosing to make your keyring in leather. They offer a very warm and robust feel and presentation.       Design Details Material: PU Style: 2D in front side Size: 52*40mm Colour: black leather colour. Logo: embossed into leather. Attachment: eyelet + split ring + chain   […] Read more


If total wash-ability and hygiene is important to your team, then PVC lanyards are the way to go compared to fabric ones. This is one we recently produced for a NSW hospital.   Design Details Material: pvc Style: 2D Size: 900mm length, 15mm width Colour: one colour printing on front side Attachment: iron clip + […] Read more


QW Direct proudly produced these colourful bus keyrings for a remote Indigenous community group. Design Specifications Material: soft pvc Style: 2D in front side with one hole (embossed logo can be made in 2D design) Size: 60mm length, 23.2mm width Thickness: 4mm Colour: one colours filled on front side, one color silkscreen printing on backside […] Read more


QW Direct created these engaging and fun loving keyrings for a remarkable Australian kids Charity. It features a larger than standard size and valuable information on the back […] Read more


QW Directed created these industrial strength promotional leather keyrings for a renowned regional farming equipment supplier. For certain target customers and industries this is your must have design option compared to other materials. These leather keyrings are classically designed, long lasting, broad appealing and very durable for carrying in harsh everyday conditions.   Design Details […] Read more


We couldn’t be more happier with the way these embroidered keyrings turned out. They are definitely unique, appealing and create that ‘wow’ factor for everyone that receives them. Design Details Dimension: 30mm length, 140mm width Background fabric: Twill Embroidered Area: 90% Colour: one colour on front side, two colors on back side Border: heat cut […] Read more


The right accessories can complete your look, especially when you’re wearing a suit. The accessories you use can even be small and subtle and still make the biggest difference. That’s why for so many uniforms, accessories like the tie bar, lapel pin and name tag are often mandated and there are even rules on how […] Read more


Your next personalised keyring doesn’t need be too fancy.  Take this one for a fitness group we produced. Splash the logo on, cut out a neat outline shape, raise the logo in orange, add the chain / ring combination and voila! You’re then fit for a king & queen giving these out! :)     […] Read more


This sensational 10 colour  design is your upper echelon of keyrings. It features multiple logo levels along with many colours and sections of high resolution.     Specifications Material: soft pvc Style: 3D in front side with one hole Back side: embossed lettering. Size: 60mm length, 40mm width Thickness: 5mm Colour: ten colours filled on […] Read more


Acrylic Keyrings deliver impact in a traditional and non over powering way. Here is one we manufactured for a real estate company. You can see this little beauty really gets that message across!   Design Details Material: acrylic Size: 50mm outer diameter, 46mm inner diameter Colour: none Attachment: paper card (offset 4 colours printing on […] Read more


In the world of marketing, the enduring popularity of keychains is remarkable. That’s especially true for zinc alloy 3D keychains. But when you think about it, the popularity of this type of keychain is easy to explain. Zinc alloy 3D keychains are beautiful. This type of keychain looks great, which is why a lot of […] Read more


Many small companies have already realised the immense advantages of using promotional items as a unique way to boost their brand. These items are often cheap and yet they are effective in increasing brand awareness. When you distribute promo items, the recipients are always reminded about your brand. The frequency and duration of use also […] Read more


Promoting a company or a brand is always a challenge. You need a marketing method that’s effective, memorable, and affordable. Those 3 requirements don’t always go hand in hand, but there are exceptions such as the button badge. Advantages of the Button Badge for Marketing Some marketers don’t immediately think of button badges as a […] Read more


“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” The same holds true for many other people, regardless of gender, we all need food at all times, and any give-away is just as welcome. Hence, food as a promotional item is among the many new concept products which marketers and advertisers have used to […] Read more


Every year, fads come and go. When it comes to promotional items you’ve probably noticed that pens are no longer as commonly used as before, because people nowadays tend to use their smartphones and laptops for their notes. USB sticks once enjoyed a level of popularity as well, but today, people usually share data through […] Read more