Why Branded Rubber Keyrings Should Have Raised Logos from the Surface

A lot of businesses realise that keyrings make for effective promotional items. An important thing to remember is that if you’re going to print your logo on a keyring as a way to promote your brand, your logo often should be raised from the surface for maximum impact.


There are several good reasons why this is recommended:

It Makes Your Brand Stand Out

Many businesses just print the logo flat on their promotional items. Maybe they want to cut down costs, or perhaps they’re simply haven’t full explored all available design options.

You don’t have to go this plain flat route. You can be different; you can stand out. Isn’t this the point of marketing and advertising to begin with—to make your brand different and better than the rest of the competition? By having the look of your logo more unique and different, people are more apt to remember it and that means greater recognition for your brand.

Your Brand Seems More Successful

Consumers as a rule trust companies that have been around for a long time. After all, if they’re still around for many years then they must be doing something right. On the same vein, they also prefer successful and profitable companies.

Having a raised logo on a keyring can imply that your business spent extra bucks for such a feature. It implies that your business is successful enough to have that kind of money for your marketing budget. So your business must be profitable and that can make your brand more trustworthy in your customers’ eyes.

It Offers a Different Experience

The sight of a simple flat logo in any promotional item is common and ordinary. But not a raised logo. It’s different enough to make it memorable, and so will your brand.

The 2D effect of a raised logo is much more intriguing to look at. It offers greater detail. It’s uncommon and extraordinary. It offers shadows and depth, and it does not produce the same boring visual effect of letters printed flat on a surface.

What’s more, the raised logo adds a tactile factor to the keyring. It’s different enough when they feel the keyring and the logo in their hands, and again that makes the item and the brand stand out. Even when they just check that they have the keyring in their pocket, the raised logo quickly confirms it.



Putting in a raised logo on a rubber keyring simply makes a lot more sense for your brand. The price difference is not really significant, yet the benefits make your marketing investment worthwhile. Your brand will stand out from the rest, making it more special and unforgettable—now that’s the kind of effect you’d want for your business!