Top 5 things you can do with Acrylic Keyrings

There are some things that will never truly go out of style. Despite an ever-changing fashion industry, certain items will always find some sort of match in the closets of consumers. Even if you are not somebody who is interested in fashion, it’s very likely that you’ve come across some type of acrylic keyring. These types of keyrings can be very versatile items, allowing users to display their fashion sense, show off their favourite brands or even represent their alma mater!

Thong acrylic keyrings with paper intert.

Regardless of which type of acrylic keyring you’re interested in, it’s important to know the many different ways that you can use them. Despite what their name might suggest, these keyrings can actually be used for a variety of different activities. To help you understand how keyrings can help your life, here is our list of the Top 5 Things You Can Do with Acrylic Keyrings:

This is an example of a Rectangular Acrylic_Keyring with  1 colour_printed logo insert.

#1. Attach Acrylic Keyrings to Your Backpack

Have you ever wanted to personalise your backpack in a different way? By attaching keyrings to the zippers on your backpack, you can give your back-to-school look an extra sense of flair. This usage for keyrings can also be very practical, allowing you to easily reach zippers due to the bulky nature of these keyrings. Not only will you be able to quickly put things in your bag, but you’ll do so with style!

#2. Use Branded Acrylic Keyrings as Earrings

Are you someone who is always looking for the most unique outfits? If so, we recommend that you look into using your keyrings as earrings. The effectiveness of this look will depend on which keyrings you have, so it’s important that you consider this before you purchase a product. If you buy a keyring that is too heavy, you risk doing damage to your ears.

If you want to use keyrings as earrings, we recommend that you first get the opinion of a medical professional to ensure that it is the right choice for you. Though it can be a unique fashion statement, it definitely isn’t for everyone! However, those able to wear keyrings as earrings will find a multitude of outfits to use them for.

#3. Bring Them Camping

For many people, camping can be a great way of having some alone time and separating from the modern world. It can also be a great time to remind yourself about which things you value the most! If you are someone who purchases acrylic keyrings that represent the things that you hold dear, we recommend that you bring them camping with you and attach them to your water bottle. Having keyrings while surrounded by nature can be a great way to keep yourself grounded!

#4. Deconstruct Acrylic Keyrings for Art Projects

One of the main reasons why people purchase or happy to give out keyrings is for the designs that come with them. If you don’t have much use for the keyring part of the product, you can remove it and decorate your art projects with the remaining acrylic piece!

This picture shows an acrylic keyring in the shape of a house which you can brand with your own logo inside.

#5. Use Them as Keyrings

Possibly the most obvious usage on our list is to just use your keyrings in a traditional way. This might seem like an obvious item to include on this list, but it is definitely still one of the most efficient ways to use your keyrings. At the end of the day, keyrings are meant to be used as a form of self expression, allowing anyone owning them to display aspects of their personality that they deem important. They can also make it easier for you to find your keys as the keyring will feel bulkier in your pocket, allowing you to easily keep track of them.