Promotional Pen Types and Type of Image They Portray

You have been wondering what the most suitable promotion product that best reflects your brand is. You could not stop thinking, and so hard you scratched your head. The moment you approach the breaking point, the thought hits you. Your company has been lacking a pen. Just a pen with a lasting first impression that adequately represents the inspiration behind your brand. Advertising is the soul of any business. Promotional products are the lifeblood of any piece of advertisement. You will not realise it, until you probably picture a community of business magnates, moving to and fro. Armed with brand pens on their shirts; ready to unleash the power of their brand and grace papers with their signatures.

Unleash the potential of your company’s marketing campaign through the use of promotional pens. Trust me; you are going to sit back and watch the overwhelming effect of a simple custom pen. Customised promotional pens increase the brand’s realisation that often increases sales. There are different types of promotional pens, and each pen represents a particular image. Check out the following Promotional pen types and how they influence advertisement imagery.


Dulce Ballpoint Pen


The ballpoint remains to be the simplest and most popular pen in promotional pen types. Ballpoint pens use the rolling ball action to wave ink into a piece of paper. In fact, the ballpoint utilises oil-based ink and has held the position of the most manufactured promotional pen types.

The pens have an aesthetic design that blends well with an above average visual layout when you are running a law firm and the entire workforce. (Let’s say 95%) Dress in formal suits. The dulce ballpoint should be your choice.

The dulce ballpoint pen portrays a formal environment, an air of class and significance. The fact that you will brandish such a pen before a client, its time they realised you mean business.


Gel Pen

gel pens

The gel pen utilises water-based ink, and pens come in varieties of different ink colours. A perfect description of gel pen ink is style, rich and vivid.  The water-based ink contributes to the pen’s smooth writing style. The gliding glaze of a customised promotional gel pen will appeal to clients and workers as well.

You even do not have to press so hard to have that ink dispense into your paper. It only takes the gel pen to deliver the smooth flow but business-like formality of your enterprise. The various colours available for purchase are a representation of diversity and aligning to various customer appeal.

It is a pen for venture capitalists, conglomerates or blue-chip enterprises that serve a diversified audience.


Felt Tip Pen

A thicker form of the marker that produces a thick ink stroke on your paper. You would wonder where the name comes from. I should uncover this mystery today. The tip of the pen is made from felt fibres that meet at the edge to form the tip. Alcohol-based ink coats the inside of the fibres.

The felt tip pen could be customised so that it appeals to any personality. It is fun to write with the pen as well. In fact, you will not have to worry the pen bleeding ink stains while you write, given the smear resistant ink.

You are assured of a pen that writes in bold colour lines, that would help you create bold statements. The felt-tip pen is customised to create a feeling of boldness, a typical inspiration of what it means to climb the walls of the business.


Rollerball Pen

The rollerball pen is similar in writing style to the ballpoint and how it dispenses ink to the paper. However, the only difference occurs with the form of ink. A rollerball pen uses water-based ink while the ballpoint pen uses oil-based ink. The water in the ink makes its colour to be saturated. You will also find out that the pen has more styling effect on paper as you write.

Rollerball pens are more appealing to advertising agencies or brands that organise events and promotional giveaways. The reason behind the appeal comes from the strong sense of design options provided by the customisation of these pens.


Laser Stylus Pens

The laser stylus pen is for companies focused on delivery of above and beyond services. When we speak of the laser stylus pen, what comes to my mind is versatility. Or how would you describe an accessory that brings to the table a stylus, a flashlight and laser pointer?

The moment a brand decides that they will offer more than be simply defined by its standards, at the core of the company will be the call for versatility. To be more than itself. To provide above and beyond services. To be the client and at the same become the fuel that powers the needs of the clients — a product manufacturing brand that serves its customer as a consultancy brand.


Personalised Spring Pen

The personalised spring pen is customised to represent flexibility. It is a unique pen that adamantly insists on how your brands fit to different tastes, schedules and personality appeal. Therefore, how flexible is your brand? The personalised spring pen is a uniquely designed promotional pen with a charming elastic build. If you plan to get your message across to prospective clients, employees and the public, the personalised spring pen will appeal to your intent.


The Stick Pen

The stick pen reflects the need for straightforwardness and responsibility. Once a person notices the stick pen, they will be able to relate to assurance, reliability, and steadfastness. In fact, the simple make of the pen creates an air of user friendliness and warmth. If your company appeals to its audience with an atmosphere of simplicity and kindness, the stick pen is what you need to get your message across.



It does not matter whether your brand is giving out free pens during giveaways or events. The good news is that promotional pens should be part of your marketing approach. The challenge is only one. Deciding the best option that appeals to the image of your brand. And the question is back to you dear reader. What do you think of all these pens? What is the most likely image that you are willing to portray and which pen type would you make use of? The pen-type should not always reflect professionality and expensiveness, but also enthusiasm and friendliness.