5 Powerful Ways to Use Promotional Bags to Turbocharge Your Branding

It’s no secret that bags are one of the best choices for promoting your business, and building up your brand. Unlike other promotional items such as pens, refrigerator magnets, and coffee mugs you get a ton of space to present both your logo, and brand message to your customers. This high level of versatility allows your company to play to its strengths, and encourage repeat business among your customers. That said, let’s take a look at some of the best bags you can use for promoting your business, and why they’re so amazing.


1. Eco-Friendly Bags

Being eco-friendly and caring about the environment is a big deal to a lot of people these days. This means that this demographic should be examined and marketed to in order to produce additional revenue. While fast food places like Lord of the Fries and Hungry Jacks are taking advantage of this with their meatless burgers, you can take advantage of this with eco-friendly bags given away as promotional items.

The great thing about this is that people into saving the planet tend to like talking about it with others who share similar ideals. You can bet that anyone that gets one of your eco-friendly bags are going to brag to their friends about it, and ultimately send new customers.

2. Durable Bags

Another thing to consider when giving out promotional bags is how long they’re going to last. It may be tempting to go with cheaper bags that cost less to produce, but it’s a good bet that they will wear out soon, and be discarded as a result. This isn’t good for your business for a variety of reasons.

Instead, paying a little extra now for more durable, longer lasting bags can pay off in the long run as they will stay with your customers longer, giving them more opportunities to talk about your business with others, and keep your brand fresh in their minds. This is one investment that you won’t want to pass up when it comes to accomplishing long term branding goals.

3. Grocery Bags

There are many types of promotional bags but one of the best options are grocery bags. The reason for this is that people go to the grocery store about once a week, meaning that they’ll be interacting with your promotional product on a regular basis. Also, there are always lots of people at the grocery store, meaning that your customers will be exposing many different people to your brand, and your company’s message.

If you’re wondering why anyone would use their own grocery bag instead of the plastic and/or paper bags provided by the grocery store, just look back to point #1 and remember that reusing a promotional bag is much more eco-friendly than using up plastic and paper bags every week. Even people who aren’t into saving the planet can be persuaded by telling them that since they don’t have to dispose of your bags each week, it ultimately makes less work for them.

4. Bags with Helpful Messages

When it comes to promotional materials it can be easy to forget that your items can be helpful in more ways that one. With promotional bags it is a bit easier to include helpful information since you have more surface area to work with. Remember, in the eyes of the customer, it’s all about the benefits your company can give them, so get creative, and use your bags as a way to further benefit the customer.

One great example of this would be to include a pic of the food pyramid on a grocery bag. Another idea would be to put an inspirational quote about art and creativity on a bag meant to carry art supplies. In a broader sense, inspirational quotes in general are always great, especially if they are inline with your brand’s message.

5. Bags with Contact Information

While it’s no big secret that your promotional bags should have your logo and brand message on them, one thing that many companies seem to forget is the fact that they should be putting their contact info on the bag as well. This could be a phone number, web address, Facebook page, Twitter, and more. The point is, don’t just let your bag be a tool for branding, let it also be a tool for drawing people into your sales funnel.

One simple trick to help the process along is to include not just your contact info, but a brief phrase or sentence telling the customer why they should contact you. It could be something as simple as “visit our website for fanstastic deals!” or something more specific like “call the number below for a free quote today!” Of course, what kind of business you’re running will play a large part in what you should say, just make sure it includes some kind of benefit for the customer that will make them want to visit your website, call, etc.


Promotional bags are a great way to boost your business if you’re smart about it. Don’t take the easy way out and just order a bunch of generic bags with your logo on them, really take the time to put some thought into this. A promotional bag isn’t just a bag, it’s a powerful marketing tool when done right