5 Ways Promotional Products Build Brand Loyalty

We have become more technologically advanced and the business world has also learned new ways of engaging with customers. But despite the increasing popularity of Internet marketing and the use of social media, the ancient method of giving away promotional items is still a crucial part of any effective marketing campaign.


But why is giving away promotional items still so important and effective? One of the reasons is that giveaways build brand loyalty, and it does so in several ways:

  1. It makes customers feel special. We are pretty sure that at least once in your life, you received a gift from someone, perhaps on your birthday or for Christmas. Didn’t you feel good and special receiving that gift? Didn’t you feel a warm affection for the one who gave it? The same types of feelings are felt by your customers when they receive a promotional item from you, and so in the future they’re more inclined to patronize your brand instead of your competitors.
  2. It helps customers put a human face on a corporate image. Very rarely does a promotional item come through the mail. Usually it is handed out personally by an employee or even by the business owner (if it’s a small business). And that makes the recipient forget that they’re dealing with a company. They start feeling that they’re dealing with people, and that makes it easier to think of a brand as a friend. And most people patronise and support their friends.
  3. It increases brand awareness. Most effective promotional items have a brand name or tag line prominently displayed on it. So every time they use it, they are reminded of your company and of your generosity. And when used in public, other people (who could be potential customers) are made aware of your brand as well.
  4. It emphasizes brand identity. When you choose a promotional product, you need an item that complements the image you want to project. You may want to identify yourself as a hi-tech brand, so giving away USB sticks or laser pens is a proven idea. If you want to be fashionable, give out shirts with cool designs. If you want to be seen as health conscious, distribute water containers and athletic gear. You need to be consistent with the message you want to convey to your target audience through all the media you’re using.
  5. It boosts employee loyalty. You can also give away promotional items to your staff. Your employees will appreciate the gesture, and their loyalty to your brand will be enhanced. Not only will their productivity improve, but they may be more apt to defend and recommend your company. As a bonus, they also make other people aware of your brand when they use the promotional items in public (ie t-shirt, umbrella, bag, etc).

Of course, a lot of consideration must be put into choosing the most suitable promotional products. Your intended recipients must find them useful, attractive, and durable. If not, it may just backfire on you, and go straight into the hard rubbish 🙂


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