Are Traditional or New Age Promo Products Better?

Many small business owners wonder whether or not traditional or the latest promo products are best. Each kind has its benefits and disadvantages, depending on what you are promoting, and who you plan to distribute it to. Consider these factors and suggestions when deciding what kinds of promotional products to give away to flaunt your brand.


Don’t Break the Budget

Without a doubt, traditional promo products are often inexpensive to buy and distribute. For a budding small business, providing items like refrigerator magnets, rubber and metal key rings, pens, notepads, and drink coasters are excellent options. This kind of merchandise can be easily branded with the company name and freely distributed among clients. On the other hand, passing out products that appear too cheap or break easily can negatively impact the company brand. However, expensive promotional items often leave a more positive impression with new age consumers.

Avoid Being Thrown Away

Since many traditional promo products are often generic, many of them end up being disposed of in the average household after a short time. To combat this, small business owners can provide promotional materials with greater usefulness and a longer shelf life.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute,more than 50 percent of consumers keep promotional writing instruments. The second most-kept items were wearables: T-shirts, baseball caps, and carrying bags. In addition, 81% of people kept items that seemed useful in some way. Promotional products with a longer life span, such as clothing or unique decorations, can serve as a brand reminder that can lead to company sales weeks, months, or even years from now.

Offer Products Outside the Norm

The trendiest promo products are more expensive, but these kind of items stand out to consumers and are usually kept around far longer than the old-fashioned alternatives. Headphones, phone chargers, iPhone styluses, and other mobile phone accessories are products that folks of all ages can find useful. A USB is a great gift for any client who uses the Internet on a regular basis, but tech savvy clients can truly appreciate quality electronic promotional products. Clients with children may embrace small toys, posters, and games that showcase your brand name or logo.

Don’t Repel Your Audience

Whether you choose traditional promotional products or the latest promo products depends on your target audience. Considering the gender, interests, occupation, and level of buying power of your prospective audience can inspire you to make better promotional decisions. If you are chiefly catering to a younger crowd, using electronic promotional products can give you a stunning edge over boring competitors. If many of your customers are part of an older crowd, then you may want to provide more old-fashioned promotional materials to get your message across.

Prevent Being Overlooked

Traditional promo products can be a great way to get customers more familiar with your name quickly. Consumers using electronic promo products may be too busy making use of it to pay real attention to the brand or company that provided them. Novelty merchandise, such as flashing keyrings and light-up pens are interesting choices to make consumers notice your brand every time they pick up their keys or write something down. Whatever product you use, make sure your company logo is clear and recognisable, or you are defeating the purpose.

The perfect promotional products must walk the fine line between being useful for the client and being promotional for the company. Whether it is a traditional promo product or one of the latest promo products, there is an appropriate consumer audience for them. Experiment with different types of promotional products to see which ones are most suitable for your company, and client needs, and gather feedback to determine what items resonate with your audience.

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