Choosing the Best Button Badges for Your Company

Promoting a company or a brand is always a challenge. You need a marketing method that’s effective, memorable, and affordable. Those 3 requirements don’t always go hand in hand, but there are exceptions such as the button badge.


Advantages of the Button Badge for Marketing

Some marketers don’t immediately think of button badges as a marketing tool, but it’s not really difficult to figure out just how helpful these badges can be in promoting your brand.

  • They’re great for displaying your logo, motto, or product.
  • They’re more affordable compared to t-shirts and mugs.
  • Since they’re accessories, they can be worn on your shirt or bag every day. They can also be displayed in other ways, such as on the refrigerator door.
  • They’re small, so they’re more subtle and yet they can catch people’s attention. And their small size makes it easy for you to carry and distribute them during a trade show or even inside your store.
  • They can last for a very long time.
  • They’re cute.
  • You can use them to promote increased awareness of your company in many ways. You can give them away, offer them as freebies when customers reach a minimum purchase or buy certain items, or sell them during a fundraiser. You can even encourage your employees to wear them.

Choosing a Button Badge

So how do you choose the best custom button badge for your company’s promotional push?

  • The first thing you need to consider is the material. Some companies use only a single material for but here at QW Direct we can provide you with several options – tin, stainless iron, plastic, or even paper.
  • Next comes the design. We offer offset printing and laser-printed paper can be coated on a metal base. Your logo can even be printed directly on the metal base.
  • Then you need to decide the shape of the button badge. Who says they have to be round all the time? Certainly not us. Aside from round—which is admittedly a very popular shape—we also offer square, rectangle, oval, and even triangle shapes for the badges.
  • You should also have lots of options when it comes to size. Our round buttons are available from 20 mm up to 100 mm and we have 10 different sizes for the round button badges and other shapes.
  • To make them unique, consider adding fun attachments to your badges. Aside from the usual safety pin at the back, we have magnets, mirrors and even bottle openers and keychain attachments.

Marketing doesn’t have to be costly or revolutionary. With the timeless and quality button badges we offer, you’re assured that these customised promotional items will be more attractive and usable for your target audience.

A button badge is a fantasic product to give away or sell!

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