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“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” The same holds true for many other people, regardless of gender, we all need food at all times, and any give-away is just as welcome. Hence, food as a promotional item is among the many new concept products which marketers and advertisers have used to promote one’s business in the recent past years effectively. People love free stuff, more so when that stuff is something as tasty as pastries, chocolates, cookies, fruits and nuts, drinks, and other snack foods.

Food is almost one of the easiest there is to customise and personalise to cater to a particular person or group of people’s taste. Similar to any other custom designed promotional items, using food to promote your product, to thank loyal customers for their support, or even to invite sponsors to a fund-raising activity your company has decided to partake in, requires a few things to make your advertising efficient and fruitful.

Food lover demographics


You have to consider who you’re giving away items to and who your potential clients are. When you distribute products not as common as pens and coasters, or those used specifically in offices or for identification and security purposes perhaps, you have to keep in mind what the possible interests of your recipients are.

If you’re using food as promotional items and you’re promoting your product to children and by extension to their parents, then it could be a splendid idea to give these youngsters candies and sweets packaged in small yet fun containers. If for example, your business is about being fit and healthy, then your target market are people searching for or looking to be “fitspiration” who are living a hearty lifestyle. Accordingly, your food items should be balanced and healthful with just the right amount of calories and nutrition.

Exhibit-ready with Picture-perfect promotion


Often, advertisers distribute promotional merchandise during trade shows, conferences, and other gatherings. Before events like this, you have to have the right information on the kind of attendees expected so you can comply with the earlier mentioned need to address the interests of a particular demographics. But aside from getting on point with what makes potential clients tick, a great exhibit is also good for branding. The manner by which you present your products and services partly determines the success of your exposure to these events.

Just as the packaging of merchandise including those for promotion is important, you have to be able to display them in such a way that implores people passing by to stop over and learn more about your business. And what better way to learn than to entice individuals with a whiff of delicious-looking food perfectly packaged to promote your brand? A great exhibit will invite people to come over while a scrumptious food promotional product will build potential customer’s interest.

Package it Well


An effective packaging will also turn your customers’ interest into positive actions that will support your brand and ultimately help you raise your sales. Ordinary promotional items are often simply printed with details about your business and how people may contact you should they be interested enough to buy your product. This and much more is expected for food promo items.

Extra attention must be paid to the food packaging since we’re dealing with not just any ad, so to speak, but with promotional yet perishable items. We must secure the freshness of our products and at the same time ensure that they will deliver with the goal to promote what we need to in the first place. Sometimes, advertisers opt for the food itself to display brand information and contact details to be a little more creative than usual. Others would rather have just the taste of food to draw customers in while printed on the packaging are all other information customers may need to know. Whichever you choose, you just have to keep in mind that the perfect promo products often serve two purposes – to promote your brand and to be useful for the client. However, in the case of food promo items, they’ll serve well enough by just being tasty. After all, good food brings people together and even better food promotional products help keep customers closer.

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Earl Jonathan Tech is the founder of PrintMeister, one of the newest online companies offering printing services that include basic printing to promotional magnetic calendars. His work focuses mainly on marketing and merchandising, but he writes on his spare time.

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