Custom Embroidered Keyrings & Embroidered Key Tags

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Custom Embroidered Key Tags – uniquely designed and superbly crafted

Why haven’t you shown us this embroidered keyring concept before… many of our customers keep telling us!

The embroidered keychain design is not only slick & lightweight, but is also a very professional way to permanently leave your message or brand.

This type of welcoming product can create a more of a softer or luxurious impression to your target market.

Typically these embroidered keyrings have been supplied to pilots, defence forces and the aviation industry. More broadly we have also produced these keyrings for a diverse range of promotional and branding purposes. These keyrings are only limited by your creativity!


Choose Your Preferred Logo Process


Picture showing the visual difference between an embossed logo keyring and a flat woven fabric keyring.

100% Custom Embroidered Key Tags!

We make to order your embroidered keyring which means you can choose:

  • Final dimensions.
  • The amount of colours in your logo or stitching colours.
  • Your preferred material twil (standard), felt (for the different finish),  velvet or reflective for exceptional appeal during the darker hours.
  • Border (merrow or heat cut).
  • Quantity, which is typically 100 + units.


Metal Accessory Options for Embroidered Key Tags

Normally with custom embroidered key tags we would attach the split ring directly to the embroidered fabric, rather than connecting by a small link connecting chain.


Red custom embroidered keyring with REMOVE BEFORE DRINKING EMBROIDERED IN BLACK

Your lettering or logo can be applied on one or both sides, and there is a choice of thread options depending on your design requirements.

Why not experience your next promotional keyring as an embroidered one, and tell us about your design today.

Simply send us your design ideas and advise of the required quantity. We’ll then promptly prepare your quotation and artwork for

consideration. It’s that easy!


Navy blue with white logo custom embroidered keyring for a space organisation.


Name: Navy blue Custom Embroidered keyring with white and aqua stitching for a collaborative space organisation.

Custom embroidered keyring for a dirk bike club. It features a two colour logo and plain black fabric backing. It also has a metal split ring.



Name: Custom Embroidered Keyring with blue and green stitching for a dirt bike enthusiast group.


Yellow promotional embroidered keychain with a 2 colour embroidered logo.


Name: Custom Embroidered Keyring in yellow with a 2 colour logo.

Airport flight embroidered keyring with 2 colour logo and cut to special shape.


Name: Embroidered Keyring with a 3 colour logo and fabric cut to the shape of the design.

Standard popular custom embroidered key tag design with 1 colour logo.


Name: Custom Fabric Key Tags with 1 colour embroidered logo.


Custom embroidered keyring for a motorcycle dealer. It features a 2 colour logo stiched on both sides.


Name: Custom Embroidered Keyring for a motorcycle dealer. It consists of two separate 2 colour designs stitched together around the edge. This image is the front and back which forms the same keyring.

Branded Pilot embroidered keytags with a 2 colour logo embroidered.


Name: Embroidered Keychain with PILOT lettering.

Promotional embroidered keychain with a high resolution logo. This is a fantasic promotional keyring idea.


Name: Custom Embroidered Key Tags with high resolution detailed embroidery.


Aviation industry embroidered keyring with detailed logo.


Name: Embroidered Keyring with a more sophisticated logo.


Custom embroidered key tags for a BMW motocycle dealership.


Name: Embroidered Keychain with an amazing design and logo for a motorcycle dealership.


Custom embroidered key ring for a global transport company.


Name: Two sided custom Embroidered Key Tags with very sharp stiched logos and lettering applied. This gives maximum impact!


Black custom embroidered keyring with a white stitched logo for a car enthusiast club.


Black custom embroidered keyring with a white stitched logo for a car enthusiast club.