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Metal Accessories – available in bulk wholesale supply

Do you need metal attachments or accessories for your metal keyrings, necklaces, money clips, tags, plates or signs?

QW Direct can supply various fittings for applications including lapels, tie bars, cuff links, tie clips, keyrings, military clutches, safety pins, ribbon bars, money clips, tin badges, necklaces and chains.


Split Rings – ready to buy


We can supply standard metal split rings in various popular sizes with minimums of 200-300 units. These are found below (custom sizes are found further down this page, or hit the product enquiry button above).


As we typically sell these rings and/or metal accessories with the full keyrings or other products, if you would like to order the metal rings/accessories ONLY, our minimum order quantity for component-only supply ranges between = 300 – 1000 units.


Split Rings – design options

We can supply and/or custom manufacture split rings and metal rings in:

Standard Metal (minimum 300 units subject to size and availability).

Stainless Steel (minimum 300 units subject to size and availability).

Depending on the quantity, we can also provide metal plating according to your requirements in either:

  • Nickel (standard silver)
  • Bronze
  • Gold

When requesting your quote, please choose the model you like, and if for the rings, we need to know your ideal INSIDE or OUTSIDE diameter in millimetres.

Our MAXIMUM available Split Ring size is 50mm OUTSIDE diameter.

Please note: 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm (outside diameter) are our most popular Split Ring sizes.


The images below are not to scale, nor are they always representative of the exact product or colour available to order. The below images should be used as a reference or guide only.

Metal sealed rings in various sizes.


Metal keyring and keycain accessories in various styles, designs and sizes.


QW Direct can supply attachments for metal items including Clutches & Nails, Bend Legs & Ribbon Bars, Bookmarks, Boxes, Cufflinks, Earrings, Necklaces, Chains, Key Rings, Magnets, Money Clips, Pins, Screws & Nuts, Custom Designs and Tie Bars just to name a few!


Metal accesories in various models, styles and plating. These include metal money clips, necklaces, clips and spurs. Metal accesories in various models, styles and plating. These include metal keyring accessories, tie bars, split rings, sealed rings, chains, and various metal clips.