Personalised Ice Cubes

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Personalised Ice Cubes – made to order


What a fantastic and uniquely special idea do we have you hear!

Typically each product box contains 6 x stainless steel ICE cubes.

Re-usable Stainless Steel ICE Cubes in various shapes and designs.


Examples of cube shaped stainless steel ice cubes which can be personalised. The picture shows some free standing not in fluid and another one inside a drink with a lemo attached to the glass.

No more watered down drinks and having to fill up your traditional ice cube containers.

Designs: Cube, Ball, Coin, Diamond & Skull.


Cube Shaped Personalised Ice Cubes – 27x27x27mm

Examples of cube shaped personalised ice cubes in stainless steel material.


Ball Shaped Personalised Ice Balls – 25mm

Examples of stainless steel ice balls.



Coin Shaped Personalised Ice Cubes – 49x14mm

Stainless steel ice coins with a picture of a dollar sign on them.


Diamond Shaped Personalised Ice Cubes – 32x27mm

Stainless steel ice diamonds which can be personalised with your own logo.


Skull Shaped Personalised Ice Cubes – 32x27mm

Skull shaped stainless steel ice cubes.



Material: SUS304 stainless steel

Logo:  Can be applied by laser according to your requirements.


Benefits – stainless steel ice cubes

  • BPA-free food grade material
  • stylist designs
  • freeze in 1 hour and ready to go
  • easily to clean and re-use
  • very popular promotional and gift IDEA.


Personalised ice cubes can be packaged in Plastic, Paper or Velvet. This image shows these various examples.