Promotional Microfibre Cloths

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Promotional Microfibre Cloths – made to order


Microfibre cloths can be widely used to clean sensitive surfaces including mobile devices, sunglasses, optical lenses and jewellery etc.

These promotional microfibre cloths fold snugly into the pouch, which includes a mini carabiner for attaching to your keyring, backpack or purse.


This picture covers example designs of promotional microfibre cloths. You can see how they look when folded into a pouch and when cleaning sunglasses.


Promotional Microfibre Cloths – benefits


  • Soft microfibre material is soft and safe for use on all sensitive surfaces and can effectively remove finger prints, dirt, dust, grease, marks, and other markings.
  • No linting, scratches, streaks or marks left on surfaces or objects after cleaning.
  • Excellent water absorbability, cleaning ability, durability, while also being washable and reusable.
  • Cloth is kept clean within its own protective pouch.
  • Your own customised logo, pictures, designs or company messages can be applied to both the cloth and pouch.


Promotional Microfibre Cloths – example applications


You can see images of popular usages for promotional microfibre cloths. These include cleaning elegant objects like smartphones, carried on a keyring, attached to a phone, and put into a handbag.


  • Can be used to clean smartphones, tablets, glasses, sunglasses, TV screens, computer screens, mirrors, car interiors, glass / crystals, camera lenses, CD/DVDs, watches etc.
  • Perfect for promotional branding, fundraising, tradeshows, school events, office gifts, conventions or just about anywhere you need to give a gift or raise awareness of your brand.
  • Suitable for use in office, school, home, travel and outdoor activities.