The Benefits of Using Promotional Felt Products

Many small companies have already realised the immense advantages of using promotional items as a unique way to boost their brand. These items are often cheap and yet they are effective in increasing brand awareness. When you distribute promo items, the recipients are always reminded about your brand. The frequency and duration of use also determines its impact. So it’s really not a question of whether or not promotional items are effective. They are. But their effectiveness vary depending on factors like the type of material used, quality, practicality and so on. There are numerous materials used in promotional items but have you ever considered using promotional felt products instead of plastic and metal items?


Here are some very good reasons why more and more companies feel that felt is a good choice:

  1. They’re unique. Most promo items are made of plastic or metal, so a felt promo item will easily stand out. Think of a felt cup mat or a felt bag compared to those made of plastic or conventional fabric. It will surely pique the interest of your recipients.
  2. They feel great. Some people think that felt got its name because this fabric seems to tempt you to touch it. It’s a real tactile pleasure to just run your fingertips on its surface, sort of like caressing fur. Because of this, often your promo item will be used just for the opportunity to feel its softness. So it’s really no surprise that a lot of people are using felt iPad covers and phone covers.
  3. Felt items look great. That’s because you can pick from a full range of colours. You can have the item cut into any shape and size, and you won’t ever have to finish the edges. You can even find colours that match your logo or your company colours.
  4. It’s durable. This fabric maintains its looks, unlike colors on plastic items, shirts, and metal products which often fade away over time. It also doesn’t fray or ravel. It’s so resilient you can crumple it up often and it won’t deform. You can expose it to the changing weather without any worries, and it’s even resistant to many everyday chemicals.
  5. It can be used for a wide variety of items. Felt can be used in making bags, Christmas décor and a range of other items that are great as giveaways. It can also be used for bar runners and bar mats, as coasters, gloves, and pendants. It’s even sewable, so you can customise it.
  6. It’s environment-friendly. For some types of felt, you don’t have to cut down trees or establish mines to manufacture this polyester fabric. The fabric is actually recycled from plastic bottles, which makes it great for the environment. If your company is green, then felt is an excellent material to use for your promotional items.

If you’re planning to give away promotional items, consider promo felt products. They’re useful, unique, resilient and green, and all these are great traits to associate with your brand name!promotional_felt6 promotional_felt5 promotional_felt4 promotional_felt3 promotional_felt2 promotional_felt1

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