Custom Drink Coasters

Discover an amazing choice of custom drink coasters from QW Direct. Choose from highly durable and washable materials including Soft PVC, silicone and metal.

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Custom Drink Coasters – made to order

Decorate your next function, event or drinking room with personalised drink coasters.

Give them away to guests and patrons or have them available on the bar. You choose!

Refresh the experience and embed your message with a custom drink coaster today.

For a longer lasting gift or branding product to remember, we can also produce your personalised drink coasters in more robust materials such as PVC, silicone or metal.


Custom Drink Coasters – material options


Soft PVC – most popular

  • very durable
  • easily washable
  • 2D embossed logo works best, rather than printing.
  • 3-4mm thickness
  • MOQ 100 units



  • very durable
  • easily washable
  • 3-4mm thickness
  • 2D embossed logo works best, rather than printing.
  • thinner design and feel
  • setup and unit price is a lot higher then soft PVC
  • MOQ 1000 units.



  • very durable
  • premium heavy product
  • suitable for premium gifts as price higher
  • available in a range of non rusting metals and platings
  • various logo options available – fully customisable designs are our specialty.
  • MOQ 100 units.



Soft PVC 

Custom Drink Coaster examples


  • Yellow circular custom drink coaster which has been embossed with a white logo. There is also a neat circular hole in the middle.
Black circular customer drink coaster which features a 3 colour logo embossed. This was produced for Evolved Sound which is an experience marketing company.


Circular custom PVC drink coaster with a blue and black 2D embossed logo.


A blue circular PVC custom drink coaster with a whitee embossed logo on one side.


A circular custom pvc drink coaster with a printed logo. The logo features a green snake, dark white and green scarf, red heart with smiley face and green written slogan on the bottom.


Yellow circular PVC personalised drink coaster with a red and black embossed logo.



Personalised Drink Coaster examples



Various plain coloured circular silicone drink coasters. Various silicone custom drink coasters. Designs feature cartoon like fruit and animals.
Personalised silicone drink coaster in the shape of a cartoon figure tiger face.


Circular custom silicone drink coaster with a design which dipicts a duck wearing a yellow hat.








Personalised Drink Coaster examples

Circular custom metal drink coaster featuring a star black and white pattern.