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Custom Medals & Custom Made Medallions – Metal & Wood

Custom medals from QW Direct are perfect for recognising victory, creating memorabilia, showing patronage or permanently commemorating that special event.

From the moment they arrive you can hang your custom made medallion with our quality ribbon for that pristine presentation.

Using only the most advanced metal moulding and finishing processes, our personalised medallions are definitely worth their weight!

Our custom medallions are available in full colour or in polished metals, and we are flexible to work within many shapes and sizes.

In most cases just confirm your logo (or photo of existing design) and dimensions. We will then recommend the most viable and practical design arrangement to suit your requirements. If you want to have more understanding and creative direction into your design, you are welcome to learn all the finer details so you can to steer us in the right design direction….the choice is yours!


Custom Medals are ideal for:

  • sporting teams
  • school group
  • university awards
  • tournaments & competitions
  • special anniversaries and celebrations



Custom Metal Medals


Custom made medal in silver nickel plated finish with an engraved logo.




Custom made metal for a Challenge Cup tournament. It has circular soccer ball in the middle and a matching ribbon with a detailed heat transfer logo.



Custom made medal with a nickel plated silver finish. There is a picture of a boat on the front, laser engraving of the organisation name on the back and a blue ribbon for hanging around your neck.


Circlar custom made medallion for a volleyball tournament. It features a 2D pink ribbon image at the centre of the medal and matching ribbon to hang from your clothing.


Custom made medal to be given out at the end of the football season. These will honour those that kicked the most goals. It features a silver medal with a picture of soccer ball in the middle and a bright yellow ribbon to hang from your clothing.


Custom made medal for giving out to winners at a swimming championship. It featurues a gold design with a navy blue circular outline, along with a matching ribbon.


Custom made medals given to celebrate honors awards at a student college. It has an antique metal and bronze coloured ribbon finish.


Custom made metal for a martial arts competition. It has a gold metal finish and a 2D raised picture of a person in combat fighting mode.


Custom made medal for the Winter Olympic Games. It has a shiny silver finish with the image of the olympic torch and rings.


Personalised medal for a Viva Soccer tournament with a white ribbon.


Custom made medal with a stamped logo and silver plating. It feautures a red and green ribbon for hanging off clothes.


Custom made medal for a martial arts club. The stamped logo is of two men fighting against each other in full uniform and armour.


Custom medallion for junior sports tournament. It is called Race for Success with logo and image of children running for victory.





Custom made medals for a Christian college sporting team.



Custom acrylic and metal medals for that unique design and recognition experience.

CMM-044 – customised metal medals with acrylic insert. Allows for partial or full colour printing. Can print or laser logo onto the metal. Achieve a fantastic effect of metal + printing, side effect of metal and printing effect on acrylic.


Custom Wooden Medals

Custom wooden medal featuring a reindeer in the middle and debossed logo.


Circular custom wooden medal with a printed 2 colour logo and light blue ribbon.


Cut to shape custom wood medal with an engraved logo for an Aquatics Club


Square custom wooden medal featuring an engraved logo and ribbon a personalised print.


Rectangular customised wooden medal. This features an engraved logo and image of a train going under a bridge and larger number 2.




Custom Made Medallions – with short ribbon drapes


Various custom medallion designs that include a fabric ribbon drape for attaching to clothing.

Available Short Ribbon Drapes


C17-1 custom made medallion ribbon design option.




C17-2 custom made medallion ribbon design option.



C17-3 custom made medallion ribbon design option.



C17-5 custom made medallion ribbon design option.


C17-6 custom made medallion ribbon design option.


C17-7 custom made medallion ribbon design option.


Customised  Metal Medals – available metal types

Bronze – Brass – Copper – Pewter – Zinc allow


Customised Wooden Medals – available wood types

Oak – Basswood – Walnut – Beech – Cherry – Ash Wood – Pine – Maple – Acacia Wood


Available Plating

Gold – Nickel – Copper – Bronze – Satin – Matte – Antique


 Logo Processes

Stamp – Cast – Etch – Print


Custom Made Medals – effects

2D – Semi-3D – 3D – Single or double-sided

Just about any shape or design available with or without colours


Custom Medals – finishes

Synthetic enamel – Resin – Soft enamel


Custom Made Medallions – available attachments

Neck ribbons with loop and jump rings (usually 1″ or 1.5″ wide and 30 cm long). Can be sewed in “V” shape or in straight line.