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Custom Embroidered Patches, Woven Patches & Embroidery Labels – Amazing Quality


Example product applications of custom embroidered patches and woven labels.



Embroidered Patches- fabric backing options

You can choose between plain (for sew on), iron on (less durable / permanent than sewing on but saves sewing on time), hard PVC, double adhesive tape (stick on), paper coating, velvet, felt, cloth or velcro.

Embroidered patch threads are more thicker than woven patches, so are less suited for high detailed designs. The price for Custom Embroidered Patches is calculated in accordance to the percentage of coverage area that the logo takes up.


Custom Woven Patches and Woven Labels – no fabric backing

These types of labels are typically used to label garments.  They are produced with threads only and do not have any backing.

Woven Patches are produced with more thinner threads than embroidered patches. Woven patches are made of thread only, and stitched with a continuous design to achieve finer detail in the design and text of the patch. Woven Patches also have a smooth surface with no raised texture due to the patch being woven into the base material. We recommend woven patches if you have a very detailed design. In additional, for patches with complex edges such as waves, we recommend simple laser cutting (die cutting) rather than embroidering the edges.

Custom Embroidered Patches – Our Strengths

  • Access to multiple punchers backed by years of experience and high craftsmanship skills. This helps translate your ideas into patterns of rich and colourful embroidered patches.
  • Strict Quality Control. Our production team and processes go well beyond others in the industry. Our buying power and careful material selection allows us to achieve exceptionally high quality production standards.
  • Our patches can be sewn with up to 12 different thread colours, along with various backing, borders and fabric options.
High resolution embroidered patches of dog at kennel and bird in a tree.


When it comes to high quality embroidered patches and woven patches that look sensational and last for many years, QW Direct has you labelled from head to toe!

Why go to the great effort & expense to source the right clothing and then have it branded. Instead, it makes sense to use your already trusted garments, uniforms, sportswear and official clothing. Then just have them professionally branded or identified with our sensational embroidered patches or embroidery labels.

We are flexible to work within your custom design & sizing.


Embroidered Patches – design examples


Black retangular embroidered path with a 3 colour logo. This is to be sewn onto tradesman uniforms.


Green circular custom embroidred patch for a youth Church group. It has a neat Lego inspired theme in the centre.


Custom woven label in a rectangular shape with 1 colour stitching. It featues very finely woven lettering which is very legible.


Personalised embroidered patch with EXCELLENCE written in blue and a yellow star on either side of the wording. It has white background, blue lettering and blue merror border around the edge.


Custom embroidered crest patch in blue, red and yellow for a local security company.


Rectangular custom embroidered patch for a catering company.



Embroidery patch for a Yass hash community group featuring a ram animal and lettering written underneath. The Embroidery is high detail with lots of clarity.


Custom embroidered clothing label featuring a snake image and Don't Tread On Me written below in black thread.


Custom embroidered patch in shape of the number three. The patch has a black outline and yellow threads filling the body to create a towel texture.


EPAT-34 Custom embroidery patch police force chaplain.


Circular embroidered patch for a dance club with black backing. It has green embroidered lettering with yellow outline and logo symbol in the middle.


Embroidered clothing patch for a car enthusiast club. It has a black background and silver stitching for the lettering, logo and patch border.


Embroidered patch for a horse riding club. There are multiple stitch colours for the horse image, horse shoe and New Forest wording at the bottom of the design.


Circular embroidered patch featuring a complex design for a niche clothing brand.


Simple custom embroidered clothing patch in contoured shape with the wording LIFE MEMBER stiched into the front of the design.


Custom embroidered patch with a complex lettering and artwork arrangement in multi colours.


Circular gold custom embroidered patch for a community fundraising event.


Custom embroidered patch with images of red tents on grassland and blue wording for a camping group.


Rectangular embroidered patch with white backing and company logo in navy blue stitched writing.


Custom sew on patch with a sophisticated design for an Australian Grand Prix event competitor team.


Rectangular custom embroidered clothing label with the logo stiched in two colours for a food industry company.


Custom embroidered patch with bright yellow logo and angry animal face.


Circular embroidered patch with a stitched logo to form letters in yellow over a red fabric background.


Custom embroidery label for a fire tour business. It features a black spotted dog with a fireman hat and the wording FIRE TOUR in red embroidered on the top of the design.


Rectangle embroidered patch for a clothing brand with rainbow coloured wording and a special face logo on each side.


Custom embroidered patch for a security company featuring their official emblem.


Custom embroidered patch in rentangular shape for a local bowling club. It features a circlular logo and bold lettering in dark blue embroidered.


Custom embroidered patches for a martial arts Taekwondo learning club.


Custom woven label in rectanglar shape for a womens organisation.


EPAT 239

Custom Patches – standard available materials

  • twill fabric (polyester)
  • cotton (higher priced than twill)
  • felt
  • velvet
  • reflective fabric
  • 100% Polyester [if for Woven Patches & Mini Labels]
  • luminous (glow in dark)

Other Available Materials

  • soft PVC
  • silicone
  • PVC film
  • PVC film with plating
  • PU leather
  • genuine leather
  • jean / denim
  • non-woven fabric
Custom soft PVC clothing patches with various material backing options. Custom embossed rubber clothing patch with felt backing.


Customised clothing patch with sophisticated official logo design for a special officer uniform. Examples of other clothing custom patches in other materials including PVC, felt and leather. Example of a custom clothing patch to create silver matellic finish. This is a design for a motocycle company logo.

Embroidered Patches – available stitching

  • Man-made thread
  • UV series thread
  • luminous thread
  • metallic thread
  • loop

Available Borders

  • merrow border
  • heat cut border
  • hand cutting border


Available Backings


Various backing options for custom embroidered patches
  • plain back
  • iron on back (less durable / permanent than sewing on)
  • hard PVC back
  • double adhesive tape
  • paper coating back
  • with wax paper
  • Velcro backing


Our custom made embroidered patches are ideal for:

  • Military & Defence
  • Schools
  • Government Departments
  • Sporting Clubs & Teams
  • Event Management
  • Promotional Attire
  • Media Contingents
  • Official Delegate Uniforms
  • and the list really on!


With large volume production capacities, and fast delivery turnarounds – we look forward to discussing your next order!

OR something a little compact of smaller…..try our….



Woven Labels & Mini Patches


A selection of custom woven labels and mini patches in various materials, shapes and designs.

Custom Woven Patches – available materials

100% Polyester
Width = 10->190mm, while height isn’t limited [within reason of course]


Woven Labels – available borders

Woven Labels - available border options
  • merrow border
  • heat cut border
  • ultrasound cutting border
  • laser cutting out shape


Custom Woven Labels – example designs


Blue custom woven label with a white logo for use as a clothing tag.

Silver custom woven label with a blue logo for use as a clothing label.

Clothing woven patch for Tamworth Regional Council


Woven Labels – available folds

Available material fold options for custom woven labels.



Woven Patches – available backings

  • double adhesive tape
  • Hard PVC back
  • iron on back
  • plain back
  • Velcro back
  • black / white paper coating

as well as Special methods:

  • cubic stuffed
  • hollow by laser
  • with hanging loop
  • liquid starched, with eyelet
  • or metallic thread (gold and silver)
    A huge picture which includees many different custom embroidered patch designs to help explore ideas and design inspirations from.


Soft PVC Patch

Custom soft PVC patch with plain fabric backing for sewing onto garments.


This is an example of a clothing patch in soft PVC material. It has red writing and a picture of a cartoon like bird as the logo.