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Custom Woven Lanyards – made to order


Custom Woven Lanyards are our timeless classic design option.

Many of our clients report a greater lasting and slicker impression from these woven lanyards compared to standard polyester printed ones.

Often described as a total ‘attire’ lanyard, these woven lanyards represent a real piece of clothing. Not just another lanyard!

Off course they are very durable, and the logo in these designs are less likely going to fade out easily.

You can choose your own colours, graphics and accessory.

Custom woven lanyards various designs pictured.


Custom Woven Lanyards – exceptional buying

And remember the QW Direct total lanyard order experience means you will receive free artwork assistance, delivery and bulk discounts on all orders.

 Custom woven lanyards various designs pictured with accessories.

Black custom woven lanyard with a 1 colour logo in blue. It features a plastic breakaway clip and metal swivel hook.


Green custom woven lanyard with 1 colour logo. The design features a plastic breakaway clip and metal swivel hook.


Black custom woven lanyard with a red colour logo embroidered into the material. The design also features a safety buckle and metal swivel hook.


Custom woven lanyard with silver logo and metal dog.