Tube Lanyards

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Tube Lanyards – made to order


Often described as a ‘shoe lace’ lanyard,  tubular lanyards or tubular lanyard represent an alternative to our very popular printed lanyards.

Custom tube lanyards with various logos, attachments and colours. Great for design inspiration.


Tube lanyards are very durable and lightweight.

These a cost effective and perfect for very basic logo prints.

You can choose your own colours, graphics and accessory.>

Blue tube lanyard with safety buckle and plastic breakaway. This tubular lanyard also features a metal swivel hook and 1 colour logo.


Grey tube lanyard with split ring and 1 colour logo.


Green tubular lanyard with pull reel and metal swivel hook.


Blue tube lanyard with 1 colour logo, safety breakaway clip and split ring.


Tube lanyard with 1 colour logo and a metal dog clip attachment.