Heat Transfer Lanyards

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Heat Transfer Lanyards – made to order

Very durable & light weight!

You can choose your own colours, graphics & accessory.

Ideal for larger quantity runs and more sophisticated graphics.

Examples of heat transfer lanyards with various coloured materials and logo designs. All feature a bottle opener as the metal accessory.
Heat transfer transfer lanyard for an orthodontic company. It heatures a full colour logo on blue polyester material with a metal swivel hook.


Heat transfer lanyard for a 4x4 company featuring writing in yellow and logo printed. It also have a metal swivel hook and plastic breakaway clip.


A few dye sublimination lanyards with a full colour logo in mostly fluro colours. All feature a metal swivel hook and plastic break away clip.


Green heat transfer logo with a light green and yellow logo.


White heat transfer lanyard full colour logo printed.


Heat transfer lanyard full with colour logo on black material. It features a metal bottle opener within the design and heavy duty metal swivel hook.


Heat transfer lanyard with a 2 colour logo.


Rugged black heat transfer lanyard for a diesel mechanic business. These lanyards feature a metal swivel hook, plastic safety breakaway clip and full colour logo printed with dye sublimation.