Reflective Lanyards

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Reflective Lanyards – made to order

Custom reflective lanyards provide wearers with a renewed level of safety and fantastic impression at night.

The reflective stripes are produced by lamination process with high temperature. Our reflective lamination material can be placed on the middle of the material or separated as 2 lines on the edges of lanyards.

Custom reflective lanyards various designs.

Reflective Lanyards – ideal for

  • Night time road workers
  • Emergency personnel
  • Traffic safety workers
  • Airport ground staff
  • Construction workers
  • and just about any other purpose where viability and related identity is a concern.
Personalised reflective lanyards in various and logo and material colours-swivel. All feature the QW Direct standard and recommended metal swivel hook.

Speak to our experienced team about your  reflective lanyard design requirements. We’d love to assist with artwork assistance, bulk discounts and free delivery.


Reflective lanyard with safety buckle and metal swivel hook. This lanyard has a yellow base material and bright contrasting yellow logo against a silver background.


Reflective lanyard with swivel hook and mobile phone string.


Reflective lanyard with breakaway clip and swivel hook.


Reflective lanyard with metal breakaway accessory and oval shaped swivel hook.


Yellow reflective lanyard with plastic breakway clip and metal swivel hook.


Reflective lanyard with metal swivel hook.


Silver reflective lanyard with safety buckle and dog clip.


Red reflective lanyard with mobile string and swivel hook.


Orange reflective lanyard with metal dog clip.