Silicone Lanyards

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Silicone Lanyards – made to order


Our silicone lanyards are made to order with your logo printed. You can also choose a range of accessories as you would for a fabric lanyard including safety break away clips, split rings, mobile phone strings and plastic ID holders.


Silicone Lanyards – best in hygiene and washability


As these are fully washable these lanyards are ideal for:

  • Medical Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Nurses
  • Operating Theatres
  • Vet Clinics
  • Childcare centres
  • Chemists
  • Laboratory Staff
  • Restaurants and food preparation kitchens


Any other environment where exceptional wash-ability and durability is of the highest priority.

If you are planning to use silicone lanyards for your employees that work in high bacterial and germ areas, be sure to choose silicone lanyards.


Silicone Lanyards – advantages


  1. Most lanyards are made from fabric material such as polyester, nylon, cord, or cotton. Most of these materials can get really gritty fast, while silicone lanyards stay clean for a lot longer.
  2. Silicone lanyards are also much easier to clean than other lanyard types. All you need is to wipe off the grime with a wet cloth, and stains can be eliminated simply by using soapy detergent and water. Cleaning polyester or cotton lanyards is more complicated and less practical, particular for lighter coloured lanyards.
  3. Since silicone lanyards are more hygienic. They can be worn in places such as hospitals and commercial kitchens



Silicone Lanyards – how much?


Yes, they can be  more expensive than regular polyester lanyards, but with the additional benefits should be an investment that pay for themselves.

A regular lanyard may last 12 months or maybe even less. After that it’s really scruffy and can to be totally worn out. A silicone lanyard can last for at least a decade if looked after.

Not only will you enjoy greatly improved hygiene and easier washability, but on a per-year basis these lanyard can much more cost effective.

White Silicone lanyard with mobile string and split ring. It also has a two colour logo printed on it.


Blue silicone lanyard with mobile and string split ring accessories. Perfect for hygiene and good washability.


Red silicone lanyard with mobile string and metal swivel hook.


Orange silicone lanyard with mobile string and swivel hook.


Green silicone lanyard with safety clip and metal swivel hook. It also has a 1 colour logo printed in white.


Orange silicone lanyard with a swivel hook.